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Volume 28 Issue 2
July/August 2022

It’s the Berry Best Time of Year

The Iyengar Approach to Yoga

Harvesting Your Garden for Craft and Medicine

What is Cupping Therapy?

What a Difference a Day Makes

Need an Escape? Ready for Change? Why Not Go on a Retreat?



Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 28 Issue 2 — July/August 2022
by Melva Armstrong

Yay! It is finally summer! Time to enjoy the great outdoors. And then comes the mosquitos and ticks. So much for spending those lovely warm days outside. I still go outdoors but it just isn’t as enjoyable as it could be without those critters buzzing around and biting. And because we have already had more rain this year than last, these creatures are out in droves. All things considered, and after that severely cold and long winter, I am still very happy that summer has arrived.

It’s been another sweet and enjoyable time working with all those who are part of this summer issue. Heaps of thanks to everyone. I am always happy to meet new folks and to reconnect with those I already know. Over the 27 years I’ve been publishing the Journal, I have been blessed to meet many fabulous people, and some of them have amazingly been with me since I started!

There’s a delightful variety of news and views featured in this issue’s articles and advertising. It’s always a joy when Cheryl, the fabulous designer, works her creative magic and I get to see the layout for the first time. It is totally exciting to see all the pages come to life. When you get your copy, I trust you will enjoy carefully going through each page and taking in the beauty, knowledge, and wisdom that has been created and shared by all the contributors.

Because Mother Nature blesses our Prairie summers with fruit-bearing trees, Stacey Wiebe (of The Farmers’ Table) describes her family’s summer ritual in her article, It’s the Berry Best Time of Year (p. 8). Living in the country for them is the perfect place where she and her kids look forward to heading out on a warm day to search for saskatoons, haskaps, and raspberries, so they can enjoy their delicious taste, as well as their high nutritional value. Stacey goes into great detail about each berry and their amazing benefits and she concludes with her favourite recipe for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

For some summer fun ideas and entertainment, check out Sussanna Czeranko’s article, What a Difference a Day Makes (p. 10). Throughout July and August, Manitou Waters Healing Arts at Manitou Beach is offering something for every taste with music, painting, writing, fashions, spa time, and much more. So check out the article and the ad for all the details.

I often think of the times when I would attend regular yoga classes. I loved them. For me they were all-encompassing to keep my body, mind, and spirit whole and healthy. This issue we welcome Pamela Nelson’s article The Iyengar Approach to Yoga (p.12). With 30 years experience and practice in this particular yoga method, Pamela explains in detail how it came into being and what benefits to expect from it. She invites you to join her for either an online or in-person class. I would always encourage people to take yoga classes and/or practice yoga at home.

After you have planted your garden and it has grown, then I thought you might like some advice on some cool things to do next. That’s where Tom Webster’s article, Harvesting Your Garden for Craft and Medicine (p. 24) comes in. Once you’ve read the article, you’ll see how very much there is to learn about using plants for craft and for medicine. Tom breaks it all down into fine detail for each plant, using his many years of experience as a herbalist and crafter.

Later in the autumn, you might be looking for a unique adventure and perhaps some change in your life. If so, then look no further than Jeanne Hoag’s article, Need an Escape? Ready for Change? Why Not Go on a Retreat? (p. 16) This retreat takes place in the beautiful Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan. Jeanne says, “It’s an opportunity for self-care; a time to retreat into nature; to quiet the mind; to make room to connect; to develop space to grow.” All the facilities are there in the resort and you’ll be guided by three dedicated and experienced healing practitioners to ensure a balanced experience to inner and outer transformation.

Be sure to check out every page because there is so much more to investigate. There are some new and some unique practices, some refreshing wisdom, some very personal reflections, some dynamic book reviews, and pages full of wholistic healers and practitioners there to help keep you on the road to perfect health and wellness.

May you delight in the warmth and beauty of each summer day. May you share your beautiful love with family and friends, and may you keep on smiling!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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