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Volume 28 Issue 3
September/October 2022

The State of Local Food in Saskatchewan

The Liver and Its Role in Detoxification

Back to Your Roots

Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit

How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety During Your Next Doctor’s Appointment!

Your Confidence Becomes You Through Self-Awareness and Mastery

Do You Have a Fear of Growing and Changing?


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 28 Issue 3 — September/October 2022
by Melva Armstrong

How quickly the summer days have gone! For me they felt warm and cozy, filled with lots of gorgeous light, and as the nights came, they gently wrapped me in their cool evening breezes—so refreshing after those stifling hot days. We were also treated to some incredible light shows as the thunder storms rolled through our area. We were fortunate not to have any major damage, just a few branches thrown about and a few dead trees brought down. Also, this has been a much better year for moisture—our hay land has bounced back after last year’s drought that left us and many folks scrambling to find some hay for our animals. Thanks to the abundance of our great Mother Earth, we have enough feed for the horses this coming winter.

Speaking of our Earth Mother, Nadine Lee (LeBean) from The Wandering Market and Kobie Spriggs from Essential Hippie have brought to our attention, The State of Local Food in Saskatchewan (p. 16). For 14 years Nadine has seen local food in the province going through its changes and evolution, and she quickly realized there was a call for connecting to the abundance of the amazing food being produced and grown right here in our many communities. The Wandering Market’s business mission statement is “Building community through local food,” and it guides them ethically and asks whether an action is in line with building community. Nadine really wants people to know that local food is abundant and available and she aims to encourage people to look for it and shift a little in what they eat. She says, “Your purchases are the thing that keep it all going, and right now they are vulnerable due to the state of the economy.” Nadine’s bottom line is that it isn’t just about incorporating local foods into your diet, but also doing it for the benefit of the whole community’s wellness.

There are many ways of finding local producers, so do your research and ask your friends and neighbours about local farms and farmers, and use the Internet. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, is my motto. It won’t take long and you’ll be guided to finding all kinds of names and information. Right here in WHOLifE, we have a different article each issue by local farmers who are part of The Farmers’ Table group. This time we have Hélène Tremblay-Boyko’s article, Back to Your Roots (p. 8). She has incredible knowledge and experience with growing and harvesting root vegetables and garlic, and her article is filled with the nutritional values of the plants, as well as her many unique ways to prepare them. I think it is imperative on everyone to know where the food they eat comes from. Also, one of our regular advertisers is a local ranch called Cool Springs near Endeavour.

I was happy to hear from the Saskatoon Council on Aging and be able to include their article, Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit (p. 26) by Virginia Dakiniewich. In 2022, they are featuring Spotlight on Seniors, the largest showcase for older adults 55 plus in the province, being held on October 4, 2022, at TCU Place in Saskatoon. Virginia says, “Society is finally advancing to a time where getting older does not automatically mean decline and disability. With a healthy approach to aging, older adults can live vibrant, active lives, and continue to contribute their skills, knowledge, and experience to society for years to come.” The show features an eclectic lineup of activities, so be sure to read the article for all the details and perhaps attend the event in person.

For overall good health, it is very important to learn about The Liver and Its Role in Detoxification (p. 10). According to Sussanna Czeranko’s article, “Optimizing liver function focuses on protecting the liver and increasing the ability of the liver to break down toxic substances into forms that can be easily eliminated by the kidneys, and intestinal tract.” She explains in technical detail what the liver actually does to take out toxins in the body, and recommends the importance of a detoxification program that helps to protect the liver and increases its ability to break down toxic substances.

Be sure to check out all of the articles and advertisements inside these pages, for they are filled with inspiring and educational information to help you on your life journey. Thanks be to all the contributors!

Today I’m excited because our new deck on the house was completed and it looks stunning. We are grateful for the methodical builder who did a fabulous job and for the trees that gave us their magnificent wood.

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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