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Volume 29 Issue 5
January/February 2024

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Garlic: Superfood and Super Delicious

Lineage: The Indigenous Roots of Osteopathy

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Embracing Sacred Feminine Wisdom:
A 52-Card Wisdom Deck

Veteran Yogis Share Balance Boosting Postures to Reduce the Risk of Falling


Embracing Sacred Feminine Wisdom
A 52-Card Wisdom Deck

—Courtesy of Andrea Menard, with Leah Marie Dorion
Leah DorionAndrea Menard

Many women today exist in a perpetual state of exhaustion, burnout, and anger. In fact, people of all genders struggle with unparalleled levels of stress these days. Most of us don’t even question why we’re so tired and crabby. We accept it as the price of admission in our modern and hectic world.

Andrea Menard sees things differently. She says our world is so stressful because we are focusing too much on masculine energy. Leaning into masculine traits like competitiveness, risk-taking, and assertiveness has us wildly out of balance and overrides the feminine wisdom that provides the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being we crave.

“People of all genders, but especially women, shape their lives in order to survive and prosper in our masculine-dominated world,” says Menard, founder of Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge and author of the Seeds from the Sacred Feminine: A 52-Card Wisdom Deck with Handbook (Mango Publishing, June 2023). “We want to be successful in our careers and our other pursuits, so we bring out the more masculine skills that are so highly valued in our modern age. The problem is, we end up turning away from our equally valuable feminine wisdom.”

Menard, an Indigenous person of Métis descent, says everyone—regardless of gender— desperately needs to find value in their divine feminine energy. Our feminine and masculine qualities are meant to work together, and one side should not overpower the other. Sacred Masculine energy makes us driven, focused, competitive, and results-oriented, which is great in certain situations. But the Sacred Feminine connects us to a more timeless pace that values compassion, intuition, empathy, and collaboration. This less stressful way of being creates a gentler, more inclusive world where individuals care for the well-being of self and others.

The Seeds from the Sacred Feminine wisdom cards and handbook offer gentle reminders on how to connect to your feminine spirit and find your way back to your centre. They channel the wisdom of the Grandmothers, gentle feminine teachers in the spiritual realm, who are respected by Indigenous cultures all over the world. The messages in this deck give you direct insight and offer simple guidance to rearrange your life in a more harmonious manner.

There are several ways to use the 52-card wisdom deck. For example, you can select one card and ask for clarity on a specific situation. Or you can choose four cards (each card representing one of the four sacred bodies) and absorb the messages or teachings they bring. You can also simply choose a card and ask for a seed of daily wisdom. Upon receiving any thoughts, intuitions, or messages from the cards themselves, you can read the corresponding message in the Seeds from the Sacred Feminine booklet. Adorned with beautiful painted imagery by Leah Marie Dorion, the cards, paired with the handbook, provide all the tools you need to learn how to enter the realm of the Sacred Feminine, walk in a sacred way, and live in harmony with the rest of Creation. For more information about the cards, please visit andreamenard.com/cards.

Embracing Sacred Feminine wisdom doesn’t just change you for the better, adds Menard. It changes the whole world. By developing awareness of the gifts hidden within the realm of the Sacred Feminine, such as receptivity, compassion, stillness, and emotional expression, participants will enhance their well-being and their capacity to walk gentler on the planet.

 “You are wise and more than capable of grasping new ideas,” says Menard. “Let go. Feel and intuit the next step. See what happens if you release control and fall into the arms of the Great Mystery. When you allow yourself to trust in the Sacred Feminine, you will discover a whole new way of being.”

In a world that has largely discounted, rejected, and even tried to destroy the inherent wisdom and power of the Sacred Feminine, embracing feminine energy is a brave and radical act of love for ourselves and our planet, says Menard.

“The world cannot survive without feminine energy, and neither can we as individuals,” concludes Menard. “Our well-being depends on engaging with the softness, receptivity, intuition, and love inherent in feminine wisdom. What we are doing now clearly isn’t working for most of us. But when we acknowledge and harness these gifts we already have within, we open ourselves to the possibility of a new way forward.”

Andrea Menard is the author of Seeds from the Sacred Feminine: A 52-Card Wisdom Deck with Handbook. She is an accomplished Métis singer, storyteller, speaker, and the founder of the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge. An advocate for rematriation and reconciliation, Andrea helps women, men, and all-gendered people to reclaim and embody the qualities of the Sacred Feminine. From Treaty 1 territory and the Homeland of the Métis, Andrea is a proud member of the MétisNation of Canada. For more information on Andrea’s workshops, courses, music, and products, please visit her website andreamenard.com.

Leah Marie Dorion is an interdisciplinary Métis artist raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Dorion holds bachelor of education, bachelor of arts, and master of arts degrees. A teacher, painter, host, filmmaker, and published writer, Dorion views her Métis heritage as providing her with a unique bridge for knowledge between all people. Her paintings honour the spiritual strength of Indigenous women and the Sacred Feminine. She has numerous commissioned artworks, and many of her paintings are held in private collections. Her original paintings have been brought together as a collection for the first time in this deck of wisdom cards. For more information on Leah Dorion, please visit www.leahdorion.ca.

For copies of this card deck, visit mango.bz or check your local and online booksellers.


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