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Volume 29 Issue 5
January/February 2024

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Veteran Yogis Share Balance Boosting Postures to Reduce the Risk of Falling


Veteran Yogis Share Balance Boosting Postures to Reduce the Risk of Falling
—Courtesy of Howard VanEs and Dr. Richard Harvey
Dr. Richard HarveyHoward VanEs

Yoga for Better Balance (Let’s Write Books, Inc., October 27, 2023), written by Howard VanEs and Dr. Rick Harvey, is a comprehensive guide book that aims to help readers improve their balance and stability to reduce their risk of falling, which sends more than 800,000 people to hospitals every year, according to the CDC in the U.S..

“Maintaining and improving physical balance throughout your lifespan is critical for sustaining independence, confidence, mobility, overall well-being, and perhaps most importantly, for avoiding falls—which all too often lead to life-altering, or life-ending outcomes,” explained VanEs, who has been teaching yoga for more than 26 years.

A unique feature inside Yoga for Better Balance is a self-test that helps readers identify areas where their balance may be compromised—providing valuable insight into specific places that need attention and guiding readers toward a tailored yoga practice.

The book provides step-by-step instructions, plenty of accompanying photos and options for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners to make the postures and exercises accessible to people of all skill levels.

The book also offers simple lifestyle suggestions that can make a significant difference for improving balance and reducing the risk of falls. From looking at wear points on shoes, to sleep habits, to living environments, a variety of practical tips will help keep readers safe while improving overall health.

“Whether you’re a senior looking to enhance your quality of life, an experienced yoga practitioner wanting to deepen your practice, or an athlete seeking improved performance, this book offers an effective and thoughtful approach for enhancing stability, strength, flexibility, and vitality,” Harvey added.

About the Authors

Howard VanEs, M.A., is a dedicated practitioner of Iyengar yoga and has been teaching yoga for more than 26 years in the Bay Area of California. He has led yoga retreats and workshops around the globe and is known for his attention to detail, coupled with a lightness and sense of humour.

VanEs has a deep passion for helping people learn about the many ways they can improve the quality of their health and lives through mind/body methods. He has also written many yoga-related books, as well as numerous others focused on health and wellness. Additionally, he has an M.A. in Counselling Psychology and is a former psychotherapist.

Dr. Richard Harvey, D.C., has been helping people heal for over 45 years through chiropractic and other natural healing methods. He possesses an exquisite knowledge of the human body and how it functions.
Dr. Harvey graduated with honours from the renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, in 1976. He has postgraduate certification as a Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP) and an Industrial Disability Examiner (IDE). He has completed further advanced studies in postural analysis and rehabilitation. Throughout his career, he has worked with many Olympic, professional, college, and high school athletes.
Howard VanEs and Dr. Rick Harvey have worked closely together for over 25 years, integrating the benefits of yoga and chiropractic care for their students and patients. They are also the co-authors of Yoga: The Back Pain Cure. For more information, please visit  www.letsdoyoga.com. For copies of this book, check your local and online bookstores, or visit www.letswritebooks.net.


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