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Volume 9 Issue 6
Mar/Apr 2004

April is Earth Month, April 22 is Earth Day
Let's Celebrate Our Precious Earth Every Day!

Choosing Natural Sweeteners

The BodyTalk System™
Using Innate Wisdom to Synchronize and Balance the Bodymind for Optimum Health

Medicinal Marijuana (Cannabis)
A Natural Relief for Pain and Suffering

Phoenix Message
A Journey South Inspired by Crop Formations


Volume 9 Issue 6— March/April 2004
by Melva Armstrong

In this issue we are focussing on the importance of the environment, with respect to April being "Earth Month" and April 22 being "Earth Day" (article p. 16-17). A healthy environment is essential to the overall good health of all human beings and yet, it appears to me there are still many folks on our planet who aren't tuned in to the importance of these facts. In the last ten years there have been many important scientific studies and reports telling us, basically, that almost every part of our environment—water, land, and air—is dangerously polluted and/or contaminated. In fact, I don't think there is any place on the planet that is untouched by pollution. To me this is a sad commentary on our humanity, but I also know we can all learn to change our ways and help stop the destruction by educating ourselves, and by taking individual and collective responsibility and action to improve how we tread on our planet. In other words, by being mindful in our daily lives.

On the positive side, I know there are numerous individuals and groups who have been working for many years to preserve, restore, and maintain the health of our environment. And still there are many others who have been working tirelessly to stop the spread of ongoing environmental destruction. To all of you I say, "Bravo! For your dedication to looking after our planet and its inhabitants." May you be blessed and keep up your work and your spirits, and may many more folks join you, as we all wake up to the need to restore health to our Earth Mother, so we may keep our own good health.

So, with April 22 being "Earth Day" and April being "Earth Month," I trust you will each take some time to honour our precious Earth by participating in some activities, or creating your own, or learning more about how to be an "Earth Advocate" by joining groups where there are folks who love the Earth as much as you do. Or you may simply want to say a prayer or two, which will have equally powerful effects. For those who want to know more about these activities you will find contact information for individuals and groups who are organizing "Earth Month" activities in March and April at the end of the article on pages 16-17. These will be fun, educational, and awareness-building activities for every age. Finally, I want to encourage each of you to think of Every Day as "Earth Day!" That way we will be consistently reminded of the need to take good care of our Earth Mother and to tread gently upon Her, for the good of all.

Someone who is a well-known environmentalist and, in particular, a protector of wild medicinal plants, is Kahlee Keane, Root Woman. Over the years Kahlee has written a number of excellent articles for WHOLifE about honouring the plants, and in this issue we are pleased to have her latest article called, Medicinal Marijuana (Cannabis) (p. 10-11). In the article she explains the history of this controversial plant and describes its medicinal uses for a wide variety of ailments. She also points out that, "Cannabis is one of the most thoroughly researched herbal drugs in history . . . and evidence gathered over centuries of use, clearly proves that this is a safe medicinal herb to use when needed." Kahlee Keane is a genuine "Earth Advocate."

Most of you will likely have noticed that in our Jan/Feb'04 issue we changed our layout to full colour and we are well-pleased with the new look. It was great to see those bright orange pumpkins on page eight of Paulette Millis' article, Let's Eat Pumpkin, and to see other photos and images in full colour, as well. I feel it really adds an exciting new presence to the journal and I hope you think so, too. I would appreciate hearing what you think about the switch to full colour, or about anything else you have noticed in any of our issues. So please take a moment or two to drop me an email, fax, or a regular letter (see the left side column on page 4). We love to get your comments, insights, inspirations, opinions, and thoughts on what you read and see on the pages of WHOLifE Journal.

Happy Spring Equinox! Happy Easter! Happy Earth Month and Earth Day!

May you all be "Earth Advocates!"

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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