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Volume 22 Issue 3
Septebmer/October 2016

Active Aging for Life

Beets – To Your Abundant Health!

BreadRoot Farm: an Earth-centred Community

Health Kinesiology – A Bio-energetic Therapy

Homeopathy Misunderstood

Digging Deeper with Word Association

My Journey Into Medical Intuition

Sexual Abuse and Our Chakras


Health Kinesiology – A Bio-energetic Therapy
by Shannon Andrews
Shannon Andrews

Did our ancestors have it right when they tapped into subtle energy? Have we lost that age-old knowledge? Or was it just folklore that legends were made of?

When you go into the history of all religions and cultures, you begin to unravel many forms of healing using subtle energy. From the Chinese acupuncture to the sound frequency healing observed by the ancient Egyptians. Yes, even Christian faith, when you read the Bible, shows evidence of energy healing when you look at some of the miracles of Christ.

Today, we are taught not to feel. And this has lead to an unwilling society that does not respect the needs of their fellow neighbour. Those who care are often chastised for the sheer thought of helping others.

Modern medicine has done a good job in teaching that natural and energy healing does not work. Yet, their treatments often lead to more sickness.

In 2014, I stumbled upon health kinesiology quite by accident. I had been on a different path of training in holistic nutrition. I went to one class with the hopes of learning about muscle testing in order to test for allergies—a great combination for a holistic nutritionist hopeful. However, to my amazement, I found a whole new world where quite the opposite would occur. The holistic nutrition classes would rather benefit the health kinesiology.

Health kinesiology has been around for forty years. It has been slow in making its way through Canada with only one certified teacher, other than its founder, who is trained in the rigorous United Kingdom Standard—a far cry above those classes offered in the USA. In Germany, the profession is only practiced in hospitals by doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists. In Canada, more than half the provinces have a handful of practitioners making their way and helping those in need.

What is health kinesiology? It is an extensive bio-energetic therapy developed by a physiological psychologist with the highest standards. To become fully trained in the field, it can take anywhere from two to four years with the expectation that practitioners will continue to take ongoing professional studies to keep themselves current. This is a far cry from the one- or two-weekend process of many energy healing modalities. The other advantage to this profession is that there have been many painstaking hours of scientific study by its founder before releasing any correction commonly done in the field.

Health kinesiology has been reported by its many clients across the world to help in areas of allergies and sensitivities, pain management, auto-immune disease management, hormone regulation, PTSD, fears and phobias, fertility issues, nerve damage repair, inflammation, chronic fatigue, insomnia, acquired brain injuries, anxiety, depression, stress management, addictions, and so much more.

How does it work? Well, as most energy modalities do, they work through the meridian system, utilizing the acupuncture points. Muscle testing is only a small portion of the modality. Instead of just smoothing out or channelling negative energy, practitioners actually go straight to the source and do actual corrections to facilitate the beginnings of the self-healing process. They basically give your body the codings necessary and the ability to make the changes it needs to get well.

Often, this modality can be used to access nutritional status. Advisements may be made to guide the client in the right direction as to what his or her body is requesting.

Some clients will see improvements immediately and others take months before the improvements will set in. For some people, it requires several sessions of peeling back the layers until the source is exposed. The body can only do so much work in a given time, therefore the practitioner and client have to work at the pace each individual body can handle.

Satisfaction came for me when I saw someone riddled with years of pain, on the highest dose of one of the most addictive pain drugs on the market. After returning five months later, the client said the pain had decreased immensely, it had continued to stay down, and no further addictions were experienced while the person was weened off the medication.

Satisfaction flooded my heart when a four-year-old boy with autistic symptoms started treatments with me. In the beginning, he would not allow me to hold the acupuncture points. But, after just three sessions, he began cuddling with his mother for the first time in ages.

My heart was warmed when an individual experienced a whole turn around after receiving a concussion from a car accident. Following a few months of treatments, all fear was removed and clarity of thought and memory was restored, thus allowing the client to return to work.

Stories like these are what keep me and my fellow practitioners going. Essentially, it is about making lives better. I adopted the motto, “Helping you stay healthy by helping you take back the control of your life,” and that is what it is all about.

An in-office appointment is always best, however, most practitioners in Canada are trained to work by distance for those clients who are unable to travel.

Shannon Andrews, of Essential Vitality Health Centre, is the only practitioner of this modality in Saskatchewan. Utilizing programs like Skype, Vsee, or FaceTime, she is able to connect with the client’s energy. This is a great advantage for those clients who live too far away or are completely bed-ridden. For more information and to contact her, call (306) 941-0617 and/or visit www.essentialvitality.ca. Her office is lcoated at 104-1100-1st Ave., East, Prince Albert, SK. See the display ad on page 10 of the of the 22.2 July/August issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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