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Volume 22 Issue 3
Septebmer/October 2016

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Health Kinesiology – A Bio-energetic Therapy

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My Journey Into Medical Intuition

Sexual Abuse and Our Chakras


My Journey Into Medical Intuition
by Cari Moffet
Cari Moffet

It was nearly eighteen years ago when my life crumbled apart into depths of the unknown. I wasn’t sure I wanted to stick around and silently prayed vehicles would veer their way over to my lane. I was searching for belonging as my marriage ended, most of my friends left, and my family was unsupportive of my decision to divorce. I looked for answers outside myself to feel more settled, when all along these changes were developing me internally to find out more of who I truly was.

Over the years, my internal knowledge of who I really am has grown and become stronger. I developed my way of being that was so unfamiliar to my family and friends, yet so natural for me.

I had studied massage therapy and graduated in 1998. (I love it still.) Often times, during a session, I would sense that there was much more going on in a person besides the muscle aches and pains they were presenting. One day, least expected, I had a client whom other therapists were seeing without much success. She presented with rounded shoulders and headaches. We talked a bit and I felt an extreme urge to let her know this pain and the headaches were connected to an emotional loss. I bit my tongue, second guessed myself, talked myself through my ethics course, and kept on with the massage. At the end of the session, she asked if there was anything more that she could do. I asked her if she would like to hear the messages her body is trying to give her. “Of course,” she said, with little awareness of my hesitation.

I proceeded with caution and let her know this was out of my scope of practice. “I feel there is some sort of loss that you may have gone through recently and are possibly still processing it. The shoulders are rotating inward, possibly as a subconscious protection of the heart from further pain. The head area is compensating into a forward posture, possibly leading to the headaches. I feel the need to tell you to ask for help from your higher power, as strength will be provided to you.”

She started to cry. Not quite the response I was prepared for but it obviously made a connection. She began to tell me the story of an abusive marriage that she just left. This message from her body began to make more sense to her than if I were to give her some stretching exercises and send her on her way.

When she left my office, I knew I needed to work more with these types of situations. It felt as though we were able to get to the root of the body’s response. This is what I wanted to do with all my massages. Knowing that a person continues to see many practitioners like me, when if they just came to the understanding of the messages the body is trying to give them, then maybe they could take the action to change the initial cause. Sometimes it’s just the awareness that may invoke the change of health. The body is the messenger.

Shortly after that client visit, I enrolled in the Vancouver campus of the International College of Medical Intuition, which was founded and is directed by medical intuitive, Dr. Marilyn Parkin. I had met her years earlier and she came to my mind as being able to help me develop my own intuition. I have just completed my first year as a certified medical intuitive. I loved every minute of school and learning more about how the body holds energetic congestion and how to relay that to a client.

As a medical intuitive, all the work is done at a distance, because we believe we are all energy and can access this energy with permission from the recipient. Suggestions are made in an 8–10 page report, and a one-hour phone call or Skype session is offered to discuss the highlighted points in order to further make a change in a person’s health.

I truly believe that medical intuition is the bridge between the holistic and medical communities, as many conditions and diseases are attained through difficulties in relationships, up-bringing, and lost expectations. What if we found the root cause, acknowledged it, and moved forward in life out of our stuck state? Would that not create more joy and ease in all of life? If you are looking for deeper answers into your wellbeing, medical intuition may be for you.

Cari Moffet is the owner and manager of Wholelife Wellness Inc. in Meadow Lake, SK. She is a Certified Medical Intuitive, Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Life Coach, writer, and mentor. She teaches classes in Meditation/Awareness, Energy, and is enrolled in the teacher-training program at the International College of Medical Intuition 2016-2017. To contact and for info: www.facebook.com, www.carimoffet.com, carimoffet@hotmail.com, www.wholelifewellness.ca, www.mmedicalintuitive.com, 306-240-5606. Also, see the Directory of Services ad on page 26 of the 22.3 September/October issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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