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Volume 13 Issue 2
July/August 2007

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The Art of Receiving
Engaging the Yin, or Feminine Energy

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The Art of Receiving: Engaging the Yin, or Feminine Energy
by Trent Deerhorn
Trent Deerhorn

I receive with my mind. Five simple words that mean so much. We live in a culture that teaches us that the only proper function of the mind is that of determination. After all, we must use logic and reason to make every single decision in our lives, or we may appear to be foolish.

The Medicine Wheel teaches us that we need to let go of cultural expectations of who and what we are in order to truly discover the soul of who we are. We must let go of our need to hold on tight to cold, hard reason alone and begin to embrace our intuitive, knowing self.

If we are able to go into the silence within and simply be receptive, we are able to access, with our minds, the loving guidance that Spirit has to offer us. The Tarot deck portrays the Lovers as a man looking at a woman, who is looking at Spirit in the sky. This teaches us that we cannot pursue Spirit with the Yang, or masculine energy. This would be an inappropriate use of the Yang energy. We need to use the Yin, the feminine and receptive energy, to receive what Spirit is telling us. Thus we go into the inner stillness and silence and receive with our minds. The masculine energy is used to put the information we have received into action in our lives.

So, what will happen if we receive with our minds? In becoming receptive we naturally open up the channels of energy information that are just sitting there waiting to flow through us. We all have Yin and Yang energy within us and we need to let go of our fears about utilizing both in harmony and simply get down to the business of becoming in harmony. As we receive and the energy flows through us, we are able to access knowledge (the accumulation of information), wisdom (the appropriate usage of that information), and abundance (the natural flow of energy coming to us as a result of that receptivity).

So if we are supposed to receive with our minds, then what do we use to determine what is best for our lives? That would be our Spirit. When we determine with our Spirits, we are able to achieve clarity, illumination, and enlightenment. In determining with our Spirits and receiving with our Minds, we are able to bridge the gap between the “letter of the law” and the “spirit of the law”. Thus, we are not held fast to particular ways of being or thinking, but instead are free to explore new ideas and concepts. Some may find this frightening. But think about this for a moment. Our traditions allow us the stability and foundation upon which we can build our lives. Our adaptability (new concepts) allow us to discover our ultimate potential. Both must work in harmony with each other for us to function and survive.

I receive with my mind. Five words that mean so much!

Trent Deerhorn has been a Shaman for over 20 years and currently practices his craft from a home-based office at Deerhorn Shamanic Services, Saskatoon. He believes we can incorporate the ancient teachings from many cultures to better enhance this life’s journey, and that shamanism is the birthright of all who walk the earth. He can be contacted at (306) 978-5300 or by visiting www.deerhornshamanic.com.


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