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Volume 15 Issue 4
November/Dec 2009

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A New Understanding of Stress Reduction with Bio Feedback

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A New Understanding of Stress Reduction with Bio Feedback
by Bill Little

Have you ever wondered why healing modalities that work for some people simply don’t work for others? Or why one therapy worked wonders on you once, but not the next time?

As an energy worker, with Bio Feedback as my main modality, I am confounded and frustrated when the services I deliver seem to work for some and not for others. How can one client get the desired results and the next feel absolutely nothing while receiving the same energy session? After pondering these questions for a year or more I finally came to an understanding that makes some sense to me.

Not all Bio Feedback devices are the same so I will limit my comments to the SCIO/EPFX device that I use in my business. The SCIO system is based on Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). In simplest terms, this is a technique that measures the electrical conductivity of the skin. The skin has two layers. The inner layer of skin is electrically more conductive than the outer layer. Tiny sweat glands connect the layers. The autonomic nervous system (subconscious brain) regulates these tiny sweat glands. As the glands are activated, more moisture appears on the skin and thus the skin conducts electricity more efficiently. As a person is subjected to stresses, the conductivity of the skin changes.

In order to understand what makes Bio Feedback work, it helps to understand a bit about energy. Our whole world is energy! Everything you see and feel is energy. Even our thoughts are energy. Bill Nelson, who developed the SCIO system, has analyzed energy patterns associated with specific substances and digitally recorded them into the computer. Among these recordings are hundreds of homeopathic remedies. The system “plays” these prerecorded complex energy patterns (over 10,000) through the wrist, ankle, and head straps and measures the skin’s electrical conductivity. Based on this biological feedback via the skin’s response to these stressors, the system and operator select what programs to run to retrain the body to reduce stress.

I am often asked, “How does the system help to retrain the body to reduce stress?” Admittedly, I don’t understand the actual technology but offer this simple intuitive analogy. Visualize your body as a vast symphony orchestra consisting of millions of musicians and our single brain as the conductor. Bio Feedback is a rookie guest conductor. Once invited to participate, the guest conductor takes a tuning fork and strikes it. Focusing on specific areas, the conductor listens carefully to find any musicians that may not be in tune with that particular frequency. When an out-of-tune area is discovered, the conductor strikes the fork again and musicians are asked to resonate with the new frequency. Assuming the musicians listen, the orchestra starts to sound more in tune. Bio Feedback merely retrains the body to resonate differently. If any improvements are observed by the conscious mind, it is as a result of the body healing itself.

The above analogy provides at least three distinct insights into why Bio Feedback does not work with everyone. First, the body must invite the guest conductor to perform a retraining session. The system’s electrical output is so low that ignoring the energy with their conscious mind can cause the body not to respond. Second, the musicians must choose to play their instrument at the newly suggested frequency. The guest conductor cannot force the body to function differently, as it is never in full control. Many people unconsciously choose to be sick, leading their musicians to ignore these subtle energy changes. Third, some people’s bodies are significantly “out of tune”—riddled with numerous health and emotional issues. The retraining time and effort is considerable and takes dedication. In our instant-fix society, if something doesn’t work the first time or two we decide it doesn’t work. It may have taken 30 years to develop a problem but somehow we expect it to be fixed in hours or days. Energy work can be quite subtle and may take many sessions to achieve results, assuming it will at all.

The results of a Bio Feedback session vary for everyone. Some are amazed at how much less stressed and more energized they feel after a session. Others get very tired (for a few days) as the body sorts out the impact of the energy work. Some feel more centred and in balance with the world. Some feel a deep sense of relief from emotional issues. Many indicate improvements in health issues from which they have been suffering. And others feel nothing at all. Overall the most consistent feedback that keeps my clients coming back, is the feeling of well-being as a result of a session. In this high-stress world, where many people don’t feel well and stress causes so many health probems, maybe a feeling of well-being is not such a bad thing…

Bill Little is a certified Bio Feedback Specialist and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. He operates Just4Me Energetics from the Regina area. He can be contacted via email at blittle@istm.com or by phone at (306) 536-6092.


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