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Volume 15 Issue 4
November/Dec 2009

Project Angel Food Turns 20

Is Going Gluten Free Right For You?

Creatively Becoming Whole

A New Understanding of Stress Reduction with Bio Feedback

Yoga Renews the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Love and Gratitude are the Keys to Forgiveness

Deva Premal and Miten's Music is an Invitation into the Nature of Love, Devotion, and Consciousness



Volume 15 Issue 4 — November/December 2009

The current issueProject Angel Food Turns 20
They Thank Their Volunteers, Donors, and Community for Cooking and Delivering 6 Million Meals and Look to Engage the Next Generation for
Life, for Love, for as Long as it Takes
Press Release in Hollywood, CA, June 23, 2009

“Since providing its first meals in 1989, Project Angel Food has grown to become a pillar of nourishment and support for the people of Los Angeles County struggling with life-threatening illnesses. We are honoured to recognize—to celebrate—our first twenty years of service and the many volunteers and donors who have made our vital, loving work possible,” said Don Fracchia, Chair, Project Angel Food Board of Directors and EVP, Wells Fargo. Project Angel Food celebrates 20 years of service throughout 2009 to bring new awareness, raise funds, and pave the way for their next years of service. Project Angel Food was founded in 1989 by Marianne Williamson, lecturer on A Course in Miracles and best-selling author of A Return to Love and The Age of Miracles, when she realized that many people she knew struggling with life-threatening illnesses were also severely debilitated by malnutrition.
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Is Going Gluten Free Right for You?
Advice from a Holistic Doctor

by Dr. Eydi Bauer, DC

Eydi Bauer suffered from undiagnosed chronic health problems for over 20 years. She experienced joint pain, fatigue, bloating and intestinal problems, menstrual irregularities, depression, and anxiety. It took a serious health crisis before she got to the cause of her problems. At the age of 34, after years of working with all types of doctors with no success, she was finally diagnosed correctly with celiac disease (caused by a reaction to gluten). As soon as she went gluten free, her health was restored.

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Creatively Becoming Whole

by Dominique Hurley

“You need to do something, Dominique, anything—cut paper dolls even!” That’s what a whole-being intuitive healer told me a few years back, reporting on the state of my right brain. Indeed, I had been so busy with work that I had completely left my creative pursuits behind, and was feeling the effects on all levels. I hadn’t painted in over a decade and hadn’t even picked up my camera in a year—not since I had graduated from a professional photography program in British Columbia. It is not that my life wasn’t fulfilling—it was! I was living in a new province, working with an artist that I had admired for years, and had found a like-minded community of friends; nevertheless, I had neglected my own artistic side. So I heeded the healer’s warning and headed off to Michael's Arts & Craft Store, a rather overwhelming experience for someone who doesn’t shop much. After three hours, I came out with arms full of supplies, ready to play.

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A New Understanding of Stress Reduction with Bio Feedback
by Bill Little

Have you ever wondered why healing modalities that work for some people simply don’t work for others? Or why one therapy worked wonders on you once, but not the next time? As an energy worker, with Bio Feedback as my main modality, I am confounded and frustrated when the services I deliver seem to work for some and not for others. How can one client get the desired results and the next feel absolutely nothing while receiving the same energy session? After pondering these questions for a year or more I finally came to an understanding that makes some sense to me.

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Yoga Renews the Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Susan Gingell

Amid the stresses and strains of contemporary life and the challenges to our health created by a chemical-ridden environment, many of us are looking for ways to nurture, nourish, and renew our bodies, minds, and spirits. The practice of yoga provides a way to do all three. Focusing on the rhythms of our breath, watching the inhale and exhale, noticing where in the body the breath moves and where and when it catches, our minds grow quieter, our bodies respond by relaxing, and our spirits find the space in which to stir, or be soothed, according to our needs. "Yoga", a word from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, comes from the root word "yuj", meaning to yoke, and the way breathing practice eases the mind and gentles or enlivens the spirit illustrates how mind, body, and spirit are yoked.

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Love and Gratitude are Keys to Forgiveness
by Stephen Lewis

We must understand that the primary purpose of practicing forgiveness is not for the well-being of those we’re forgiving. Of course, they may benefit, particularly if they’re still involved in your life. I believe, even if they are no longer with you—even if they have transitioned—being forgiven may provide a degree of comfort to their spirit. On the other hand, maybe not. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: The most important beneficiary of your forgiveness is you. Every person you forgive empowers you, and at the same time disempowers the hold upon you of a past that has become irrelevant.

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Deva Premal and Miten’s Music is an Invitation Into the Nature of Love, Devotion, and Consciousness
from www.devapremalmiten.com

I wake every morning feeling like I’m living in a miracle—where spirituality, creativity, work, and love have all come to mean the same thing. My life has been shaped by mantras; I have become their servant. —Deva Premal. After touring non-stop for almost 15 years and with over 300,000 CDs sold worldwide, Deva Premal & Miten are living proof that mantras are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Singing mantras has been a passion for Deva Premal since growing up in a German home permeated with Eastern spirituality. Now Deva Premal and her partner Miten travel the world sharing their gift of mantra music with enraptured audiences. "Our music has always felt precious," says Deva. "Now our job is to travel and share it. Over time more and more people are coming to the celebration."

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by Melva Armstrong

In this issue, we are starting a new feature called Angels in Action. We think it is important to let people know about some of the precious and beloved services that go on everyday in our world. Services that come from the heart and soul of those who genuinely desire to serve their fellow human beings and their communities. They are the people who volunteer their time, energy, savings, homes, talents, gifts, and so much more. I think they are really angels in human form doing Creator’s work on the planet, and we feel it is important they be acknowledged and honoured.

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