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Volume 15 Issue 6
March/April 2010

Know and Love Your Lymphatics!

The Great Milk Debate

Nia, The Joy of Movement

Sask Walk for Health 2010

Reclaiming My Joie de Vivre

Angels in Action: Only Kindness Matters

Tao of Female Sexual Energy


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 15 Issue 6 — March/April 2010
by Melva Armstrong

I am happy to announce that this issue completes my fifteenth year of publishing WHOLifE Journal. I had the inspiration for it in January, 1995, and had the first issue out in May/June of the same year. Before starting this, I had always wanted to work for myself but I didn’t have the confidence to go out on my own, so chose jobs where I worked for others. I was never truly fulfilled working for others, not because of the work, which I mostly liked, but because I wanted to set my own work hours, be my own boss, and work in my own rhythm and flow. And that is what I have created, which feels very comfortable and suited to my personality and way of being.

When I started I had no idea how long I would keep going with it, and in the early years many times I felt like packing it in and trying something different, which had been the normal pattern for my entire life. Every time I thought about what else I would like to do, nothing came to my mind so I just kept on doing the journal. And now it is fifteen years later and both the journal and I are going strong. It is interesting how life unfolds in mysterious ways and how we are each lead on a unique path that provides lessons along the way to help us figure out who we are and why we are here.

I have had a very diverse and interesting life, loaded with lots of lessons along the way, and I know still more to come. These fifteen years have been very pleasant for me and I am truly grateful for the wonderful folks I have met. Many of you have been with me from day one and that feels fantastic. In light of this, I have written a special tribute to the very first and longest subscriber, David Watson, which you can read on page 19. Although he made his transition last year, I still feel his gentle, loving spirit supporting me and WHOLifE each day.

To honour this fifteenth anniversary, WHOLifE will be having a celebration on the weekend of May 29 and 30 in Saskatoon, to which you are all invited, so mark those dates on your calendars. Please see page 10 for information on this event. There will be more details and reminders in the May/June ‘10 issue. We are also looking into holding a celebration in Regina but that hasn’t been finalized yet. We will make announcements about that later on.

I want to thank each one of you for your support and caring over these years. I am truly grateful to have you join me in my lifestyle—I call it this because it doesn’t really feel like “work” to me, it feels like I’m having a great time with all my lovely friends and that we are all helping each other to keep happy and healthy, and to find ways to be of service to the whole.

In this issue, naturopathic doctor Jacqui Fleury asks the questions in her article Know and Love Your Lymphatics! (p. 14), “Did you know that you have twice as much lymph fluid in your body as blood? Were you aware that you could only live a few hours if the flow of your lymph completely stopped?” Fleury goes on to say that few of us really know and understand the chief importance of our lymphatic system, which supports every other system in the body. Her article contains both insight into the subject and suggestions to help keep your lymph healthy.

Paulette Millis asks if “a large glass of frothy cold milk is good for us or not?” in her article The Great Milk Debate (p. 12). She goes on to discuss this subject in great detail and offers information on various of alternatives to cow’s milk.

We have a variety of other articles in this issue covering topics that address the body, mind, spirit, and environment, so be sure to check out all of them, as they are meant to be helpful guides on your journey to wholeness and wellness. Thanks to all the contributors to this and every past issue. You are all greatly appreciated.

Everyone please remember to keep some time free on May 29 and 30 to join us in celebrating our 15th anniversary. I look forward to seeing you.

May the return of the light bring joy to your heart, put a smile on your face, and add a lilt to your walk.

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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