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Volume 15 Issue 6
March/April 2010

Know and Love Your Lymphatics!

The Great Milk Debate

Nia, The Joy of Movement

Sask Walk for Health 2010

Reclaiming My Joie de Vivre

Angels in Action: Only Kindness Matters

Tao of Female Sexual Energy



Volume 15 Issue 6 — March/April 2010

The current issueKnow and Love Your Lymphatics!
by Dr. Jacqui Fleury, ND

To be sustainable and health giving, our diet must harmonize with our manner of being in the world. —Charles Eisenstein, The Yoga of Eating

Did you know that you have twice as much lymph fluid in your body as blood? Were you aware that you could only live a few hours if the flow of your lymph completely stopped? Not only are few of us aware of these facts, but few of us really know and understand the chief importance of our lymphatic system. Lymphatic function supports every other system in the body, including digestive, immune, detoxification, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

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The Great Milk Debate
by Paulette Millis

Ummmm… a large glass of frothy cold milk. Good for us, right? Maybe not. Did you know humans are the only mammals to drink the milk of other animals, and drink milk after the weaning period? Nature supplies the young with the ideal introductory food until its digestive tract is fully developed, at which time it loses the enzyme that has the ability to digest milk. Whether or not cow’s milk is good for humans depends on the individual’s ability to digest it, and how appropriate cow’s milk is to human nutrition.

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The Joy of Movement

by Rusty Dixson

Nia (nee-ah) is known as the “love your body workout”. What does this mean? Every fitness form I was familiar with I had done because I didn't love my body and wanted a better one. This started me on a quest to find out more. I had read magazine articles about Nia that described dance-like movements done in bare feet, yet it was a fitness class. The articles explained that Nia moves come from dance, martial arts, and the healing arts such as yoga. Photos showed women and men swirling around, everybody doing something different. Then other photos showed them doing movements in unison. The most fascinating aspect of the photos was the look of absolute joy on the participants' faces. Questions were racing through my head: “What is this?” “How is it taught?” “Where is it?” And then... “I want it!”

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Sask Walk for Health 2010 – May 10 to 18
An Opportunity to Keep Healthy While Raising Funds for Station 20 West

by Cliff Shockey

Cliff Shockey and his many health-conscious senior friends feel it is time for another Saskatchewan trek, after the very interesting, challenging, and successful one they organized in 2005 as a provincial Centennial Project. That one took place in March and started at the Northwest Territory border with people on cross-country skis and then as it progressed south they walked to the US border. The temperature was -33º C when it started and it took them 22 days to complete. A number of people who were involved in that first trek have been wanting to have another one, so they have created Sask Walk for Health 2010, a non-profit organization. This time the walk will go across the province from the Manitoba border to Lloydminster at the Alberta border, following the Yellowhead highway.

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Reclaiming My Joie de Vivre
by Elizabeth McDougall

I grew up believing doctors to be the Gods of Health. Neither their diagnoses nor cures were to be questioned. If anyone died, it was still considered an “act of God,” an excuse handed down from the Dark Ages. A strong healthy woman with three healthy children, I had no cause to question my perception of the medical profession until the day I hit the wall – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Angels In Action: Only Kindness Matters
by Carol Marriott

A neatly-bearded, gentle, soft-spoken, humble, yet undeniably powerful James Folster, our featured Angel In Action, is a true example of the nature of humanitarians, or a "Mystic without a Monastery" as author Caroline Myss would say, who are quietly and faithfully bringing positive change and love to our world. Growing up on a farm in central Saskatchewan, James describes his personality as a child as painfully shy, timid, anxious, and very withdrawn. His father was (still is) a musician and from the time he can remember everyone around him drank and partied. His circle was deeply entrenched in this lifestyle—siblings, neighbours, cousins, friends—except for his mother, who didn’t drink at all.

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Tao of Female Sexual Energy
by Minke de Vos

How can we grow more love in our lives? The Ancients have cultivated the intimate arts for centuries. They considered the cultivation of our primal sexual energy to be the foundation of a vigorous, enduring, and fulfilling love-life. Through the ancient Taoist practices we may tap into our "Fountain of Youth" and raise this rejuvenating energy to heal the body and soul and illuminate the spirit. Sexual energy plays a very important role in our healing process. The more we open to love, the more we feel the energy run through our subtle body.

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by Melva Armstrong

I am happy to announce that this issue completes my fifteenth year of publishing WHOLifE Journal. I had the inspiration for it in January, 1995, and had the first issue out in May/June of the same year. Before starting this, I had always wanted to work for myself but I didn't have the confidence to go out on my own, so chose jobs where I worked for others. I was never truly fulfilled working for others, not because of the work, which I mostly liked, but because I wanted to set my own work hours, be my own boss, and work in my own rhythm and flow. And that is what I have created, which feels very comfortable and suited to my personality and way of being.

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