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Volume 24 Issue 4
November/December 2018

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Ancient Healing Technique Passed Down Through Family Generations
by Dawn Devonshire
Dawn Devonshire

The Wax Pouring Ceremony is an ancient healing technique that Ukrainian immigrants brought to Canada many years ago. In Ukrainian, it is called Strakh Vylyvaty. In English, this phrase means, “Pour out the fear.”

During the wax pouring ceremony, the client sits in a chair. While they wait, pure beeswax is melted three separate times and is poured into an enamel bowl of cold water. For each of the three pourings, the practitioner holds the bowl of water over a different area of the client’s body and then pours the melted wax into the cold water. Each time the wax solidifies in the cold water, it is removed and the shapes are deciphered. At the end of the session, the wax pourer gently washes the client’s face, hands, and feet with the water from the bowl. This is done so the fear does not return to the person.

With the absence of overwhelming fear and anxiety, a person can move forward and allow physical, emotional, or spiritual healing to begin. Additionally, it is important to know that wax pouring is a form of divination. Divination is a way to help people extract the information that they need in their lives.

As a child, I was taken to see wax pourers, but the wax pouring ceremony was always shrouded in mystery. I was never really aware of what was taking place. However, I always felt better emotionally, physically, and spiritually after seeing the wax pourer. As I got older, my curiosity only increased.

But everything happens in its own time. With the help of some amazing teachers and gifted ancestors, I realize I have talents of my own. One of those gifts is the ability to pour wax. I am very happy to be bringing back this ancient healing technique that has been passed down through my family for generations.

If you have more questions about the wax pouring ceremony, please visit my website at www.mysticwillowservices.com or email mysticwillowservices@gmail.com.

Dawn Devonshire (nee Hupaelo) is a teacher in Saskatoon. In addition to the wax pouring ceremony, she also offers reiki treatments. Currently, she works on Fridays at Ellen’s Whole Body Health, which is located at 507 Nelson Road in Saskatoon, SK. To book a session with her, please email mysticwillowservices@gmail.com. Also see the display ad on page 22 of the 24.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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