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Volume 24 Issue 4
November/December 2018

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Joseph Poirier: Part of His Life As a Local Healer
by Michelle Weston
Michelle Weston

Joseph Luc Edgar Poirier, of Métis descent, grew up in Maniwaki, Quebec, a predominantly French-speaking community, roughly 640 kilometres northwest of Montreal. By the time Joseph was 18 years old, he was self-employed and owned several horse teams with numerous employees. During the next 25 to 30 years, Joseph was skilled in many types of jobs and businesses (logger, carpenter, butcher, mechanic, truck driver, etc.).

When Joseph turned 50, working as a truck driver, he headed out across Canada. As he passed through Brandon, Manitoba and into Saskatchewan, he had a very amazing emotional, physical, and spiritual experience. He knew instantly that he was “home” and that he wanted to make his life in Saskatchewan.

He bought a house in the town of Foam Lake, also titled, “The Best Place in the World to Live.” While out hunting one day, Joseph fell in love with a little acreage that had lots of trees and a few rolling hills. When talking about this land to his best friend, Denis Gauthier, a shaman and healer also from Maniwaki, Denis told Joseph to buy the land as it would be very good for him. So, with this advice, Joseph bought the land. On February 25, 2014, four months after buying his acreage, his friend Denis passed away. Then in June 2014, Denis appeared to Joseph in spirit form at home and offered him his powerful healing gift. Joseph accepted the gift and within minutes he received a visit from God the Creator who explained the gift in detail.

Joseph knew a person could use divining rods to find water, so he used his own ingenuity and created a set of divine rods so he could build a well. The rods indicated water at 26 feet, so he used a post digger and dug down to that depth and found water at exactly 26 feet!

Joseph experimented a lot with his rods and asked them multiple questions, like “Where is the fridge?” When his daughter called from Quebec and told her dad about her health issue, he immediately asked his divine rods if he could fix it. The rods indicated yes, so Joseph did a healing session and his daughter’s health issue immediately stopped. This was how Joseph started healing people.

The little cottage Joseph built was small and, as more people came for healings, he converted a 16-foot grain bin into the Star Healing Lodge. This structure resonated with him because it was round like the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Universe, the Tipi and the Medicine Wheel.

Since June 2014, Joseph has done over 4,000 healing sessions (people from Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, etc.) at his Star Healing Lodge by telephone and at various health and wellness shows. With the divine rods, Joseph can remove all the negative energy from people, houses, and land, and change it to positive energy. He is especially skilled at removing physical pain, curses, as well as demons, so that people can live healthier, happier lives. Joseph also uses medicinal plants for treatments such as cancer, arthritis, and joint pain as he was taught by his mother and grandmother.

God the Creator told Joseph that one day people would come to his property as a retreat to heal themselves and to learn the ways of the land and Mother Nature. He was also told to build three Medicine Wheels on his land. The first Medicine Wheel was 16 feet around with a water feature close by so you can hear the soothing sounds of running water. The second Medicine Wheel was 32 feet around with 100% full positive energy from Mother Earth for group healings, as well as a third Medicine Wheel.

In August 2018, on the top of the hill with his little John Deere, he ploughed an area to plant a medicinal garden. He removed three large rocks, and within the large hole he dug sat a white flat rock that was extremely full of positive energy. God the Creator told him to pile the rocks on top of each other, which he did, and he named it “Mr. Bean.”

God the Creator also told Joseph to make three long steps down the back hill and explained each step. Step 1 is to Believe. Believe in God the Creator, believe in yourself, the energy from the ground and Mother Earth, believe that you want healing, believe in the Universe and the power that you can receive. Because without believing, you can’t do anything. Step 2 is Healing. Step 3 is Power. You are dealing with God the Creator’s Power, power from the Universe, the Sun, and Mother Earth.

Many people came out to see Joseph this year at his Star Healing Lodge. For a full healing, come see Joseph for a healing session for body pain and removal of negative energy, then go to the tipi and fire by yourself to release your pain to Mother Earth. After that, continue to the Medicine Wheels where you will be guided to heal all types of pain you might have (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual), and then utilize the full power of Mr. Bean where a miracle is possible!

Words from Joseph: Never regret a day in your life; a good day gives happiness, a bad day gives a lesson, and the best day gives memories.

For more information on Joseph the Healer, see the Directory of Services ad on page 19 of the 24.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal or visit www.josephhealer.ca.

Michelle Weston currently resides in Springside, SK, and works in Yorkton, SK, for the new Saskatchewan Health Authority. On November 2, 2017, Michelle was completely healed of all her physical and emotional pain by Joseph Poirier. Since then, she has become very active in promoting Joseph’s unique gift of healing and is dedicated to helping people find healing alternatives so they too can live pain-free in this life. Currently, Michelle and Tracy Kowall are organizing a Natural Health & Living Trade Show featuring Joseph Poirier for November 9–10 at St. Mary’s Cultural Centre, Yorkton. It will include group healing sessions with Joseph; a fantastic blend of holistic practitioners, healers, and health clinicians providing healing services; several presentations throughout both days; as well as numerous vendors offering natural, healthy products to purchase and tuck away for Christmas! To contact Michelle, call (306) 620-6778 or email west7713@sasktel.net.



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