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Volume 25 Issue 2
July/August 2019

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The Medicine Wheel
~ A Healing Journey ~

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The Medicine Wheel
~ A Healing Journey ~

by Michelle Weston
Michelle Weston

Beauty surrounds us… if we only took the time to see all that God, the Creator, has gifted us!

The Healing Land

On land owned by Joseph Poirier, there is an incredible energy that’s felt as soon as you place your feet upon it. Surrounded by trees, rolling hills, and natural grasses sits a hidden sanctuary. This acreage is serene and peaceful. Upon arriving, you feel a sense of security and happiness and you are welcomed as an honoured guest. When leaving, you leave as a friend with hope in your heart.

Joseph is a spiritual healer who received his healing gift in 2014. He trusted God, the Creator, along with his friend Denis’s spirit, when he accepted this challenging gift, and his life changed dramatically. He was not provided with a manual on “How to Heal,” however, God, the Creator, provided him with insight and sent teachers along the way as needed. To date, his healing ability has helped almost 5,000 people!

On his land, Joseph has created three medicine wheels, each one built with love and intention to help a person develop a personal relationship with God, the Creator, themselves, and others, all of which are important in healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Beginning Your Journey

Plan a retreat for the day and enjoy the outdoors, being in the midst of nature while you explore an interpersonal session that will relieve old hurt and trauma. Embrace healing in a natural outdoor setting, connecting to Mother Earth. Learn how to deal with issues that affect us emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually by drawing on the creative healing energy within and around us. The beauty of the medicine wheel teaches us that healing can occur individually, as a family, or as a community.

Learning About the Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is used by the First Nation people as a guide for many things in life. The circle represents cycles that appear in the natural world such as the seasons; it reminds us that change can and will occur. Through the medicine wheel, we learn to work on achieving health by following this natural cycle. It reminds us how damaging it can be if we get stuck in one aspect. It can be used in ceremony to relieve obstacles and blockages of body and mind because it is believed that stress and anxiety can be a cause of illness. To have harmony and peace in our lives, all areas must be in balance; this includes the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. An attitude of happiness and gratitude is an important part of healing.

Each of the four directions (East, South, West, North) has a spirit. We call upon the Grandfathers and ask them for understanding on how to listen to the quiet to calm our minds. It is a place to be honest with ourselves and to give up what hurts us. Through the guidance of a helper, you will learn how to release the toxic energies picked up from the world around you, and release the stress that may be interferring with your nervous system and sense of well-being. We are able to leave our pain, anger, and fear in the medicine wheel by giving it all up to the Grandfathers, then leaving the circle with joy and love.

First Steps

Start your journey in the first medicine wheel, discovering your one true self by examining your mental and emotional state, learning everything the East and the West have to offer.

Move on to the larger second wheel to identify your purpose, focusing on the physical and understanding the gifts of the South.

And finally, visit the third medicine wheel to reflect on your spirituality, learning what the North has to tell you. It’s all about respect, trust, and belief in God, the Creator, as you walk up the three steps on the hill to the last medicine wheel that reflects all Universal energy. It reminds us we’re all connected to each other, to what is seen and unseen.

There’s no race in healing, so take a good look at your life. It takes a while to clear the clutter of what has accumulated in that time, but the truth is, you can do it! Patience and understanding are key to releasing the pain we’ve experienced. Today is the beginning, yesterday was experience, and tomorrow is hope. With the use of the medicine wheel, we learn how to gain back our personal power and to understand why forgiveness is so essential in healing.

A New Path

Enjoy quiet time in nature and learn to breathe, taking in the first breath of a new beginning. Learn the meaning of your life pathway by following the medicine wheel as you explore each direction—East, South, West and North. Seek the freedom you deserve and live with peace! Take these tools home with you to use in times of need. By following the principles of the medicine wheel, you’ll understand what you are in control of and can release what no longer serves you.

Grandfather, we ask you to teach us to live a humble life. We thank you for all the natural beauty you have gifted us!

You can call Joseph at (306) 716-5584 for an appointment to experience true, natural healing and the intensity of the medicine wheel. It’s time to recognize the value within each of us to live a wholesome life.

Michelle Weston resides in Springside and works in Yorkton for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. On November 2, 2017, she was completely healed of all her physical and emotional pain by Joseph Poirier. She is very dedicated to promoting Joseph and his unique healing gift and tells her healing story to help encourage people so they too can live pain-free lives. She is booking Joseph’s “Healing Session Events” in the smaller communities in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for 2019–2020. If you are interested in having him come to your town, please call Michelle at (306) 620-6778.


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