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Volume 25 Issue 2
July/August 2019

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Expect the Unexpected with Animal Communication


Expect the Unexpected with Animal Communication
by Jadi Kindred
Jadi Kindred

Unexpected answers are a common characteristic of intuitive communication. When I first begin a reading for my clients, they often have a preconceived idea of what the problem may be for their beloved pet. I, myself, may have another preconceived idea as well. The answers I receive are usually very surprising to me and unexpected. That is when I know I had made a strong connection with that particular animal. After a reading, there may also be an unexpected change in the animal’s behaviour. I would like to share with you a couple of those stories.

One distressed client called me to do a reading for her cat. They recently moved to a new house and her cat started peeing just outside the litter box. This behaviour was very unlike her and my client was concerned it was because her cat was emotionally unhappy and showing this by peeing outside the litter box. I silently agreed and personally assumed the cat was anxious and stressed by the move as well. When I started the reading and connected to this cat, I was surprised to “feel” that cat was emotionally fine and not intentionally trying to be difficult or disruptive. Having a “clear feeling” is called clairsentience, which is the intuitive ability to feel information and have gut reactions. I had a strong feeling that because this cat was aging, she was unable to go downstairs to reach her litter box in time. My gut feeling was that this was more of a physical problem than an emotional one. I simply suggested that the family relocate the litter box upstairs and this small, yet significant, change did wonders. The cat is now easily able to reach the litter box and has stopped peeing elsewhere in the home. The family tension stopped and harmony was restored.

Another client called me worried about a family gathering where she didn’t want her son to bring his dog with fear her cat would attack the dog. She planned on putting the dog in a dog crate if he did come over. When I checked in with the cat, I explained the situation and asked the cat to treat the dog as royalty and as a very special guest with utmost respect. There was no need to defend the house or act hostile because the dog would only stay for a few days. 

My strongest intuitive ability is clairaudience, meaning I often “hear” the information and receive statements and sentences that I quote from the animal. This cat expressed through distinctive words that he was happy to be consulted in the decision and reassured the family he would be well-behaved during the family gathering. This is exactly what happened and the dog freely enjoyed roaming the house and everyone’s company.

During my workshops, we identify your intuitive ability and practice with experiential learning.

There are infinite stories to express and I love facilitating workshops where like-minded people come together in a safe and supportive environment to share the lessons and healing messages they have received from animals. I invite you to join me for a two-day workshop on Introductory Animal Communication & Animals as our Mirrors, Messengers, and Healers on July 27–28 in Regina and August 17–18 in Saskatoon. Please visit www.intuitiveconnections.ca to register.

Jadi Kindred is the Saskatchewan-born author of Intuitive Animal Connections and currently an entrepreneur in Quebec. After fostering abandoned dogs in Quebec for years, she wrote a heartwarming memoir about the spiritual lessons she learned from the abandoned dogs that she rescued. To contact her see Calendar of Events on page 5 of the 25.2 July/August issue of the WHOLifE Journal and website above.


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