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Volume 25 Issue 3
September/October 2019

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The Atlasprofilax Method
A Gentle Correction to the Atlas (C1)

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The Atlasprofilax Method
A Gentle Correction to the Atlas (C1)

by Harreson Tanner, RMT, Certified Atlasprof Practitioner
Nadine LeBean

The Atlasprofilax Method is a gentle correction to the position of the atlas (C1) or the first cervical vertebrae in the neck. This method was developed by Rene Shuperelli of Switzerland in the late 1980s from a response to a severe neck injury he had from skiing.

There are three reasons why the correction of the atlas can be helpful. First, it takes pressure off the brain stem. The passage of the brain stem through the magnum foramen and the atlas vertebrae, and the correct positioning of C1–C2 is critical to all functions in the body from the musculo-skeletal system to hormonal and organ function. The second important reason is the atlas’s impact on proper body alignment. The procedure can be particularly helpful in the prevention of scoliosis. So children under the age of 12 could definitely benefit from the Atlasprofilax Procedure, although any age and every person will find some measure of benefit. The third important aspect of the atlas correction is the improved exchange of fluids between the body and the head.

Some conditions the Atlasprofilax Procedure can be helpful for are headaches/migraines, asthma and respiratory conditions, improved digestion, relief from chronic upper back and neck tension/pain, improved sleep, a sense of calmness and less stress, more optimism in life, a renewal of one’s creativity, and the list goes on. How the Atlas Procedure affects each person will be unique to their history, psycho-emotional stresses, and severity of physical trauma.

The initial visit is one hour and includes a case history, postural analysis, assessment, and treatment of joint and spinal misalignment with gentle osteopathic manipulation, assessment of the cranial system, various strength and motion testing to determine the position of the atlas, the correction (which is done using a device that oscillates and vibrates and is applied to the base of the occiput to relax the sub-occipital muscles with gentle pressure to guide the atlas into place), and finally a re-assessment of the atlas to make sure it is positioned correctly. If appropriate, I would also offer suggestions regarding lifestyle habits that may be impacting a person’s health and well-being, as well as emotional clearing if that would be helpful and appropriate.

The fee for the Atlasprofilax Procedure is $315.00 (GST included) for adults and $231.00 (GST included) for children 16 and under. There is a half-hour follow-up appointment included in the initial fee to be determined at a mutually convenient date.

To find more info about the Atlasprofilax Method, please go to www.atlasprofilax-canada.com. To make an appointment or for more info please email: atlas@bluebell.ca or call (250) 505-6166.


I have recently had the Atlasprofilax treatment with Harreson as well as Emotional Code sessions. I cannot say enough about both of these treatments. I have been in chronic pain for the past 3 years and have undergone every possible test through the conventional medical system to no avail. I have literally been on my couch or in bed, unable to work, or participate in any types of activities with my family. After trying everything possible, my osteopathic practitioner suggested that I contact Harreson, and there has been an incredible change in my conditions. I am so grateful to him for assisting me with getting back to my life. I am not 100% pain free but as each day goes on, I am able to do more than the day before. For the first time in years, I can play with my grandkids, go for walks with my husband, and I even planted my own flowers in my yard, I am thrilled!
—Sharon, Edmonton, AB

After my October 2010 car accident, injuries to my upper cervical spine left me barely moving and in a dangerous and precarious position. I wore a neck brace for more than a year. I also had paralysis to the left side of my face, which is completely gone after ONE Atlasprofilax treatment. I no longer have the (joker) face of a stroke victim. The TMJ to the left side of my jaw is completely gone after ONE treatment. The “dead” feeling muscles which control the movement of my left eye are fully functional again after ONE treatment. It is the best $315 I have ever spent in my life. I am extraordinarily grateful to have my “life” back from this treatment.
—Lara, Edmonton, AB

Harreson Tanner, RMT and Certified Atlasprof Practitioner, has been in clinical practice for over 40 years. He primarily uses Osteopathic Manipulations, Cranial/Sacral Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Emotional Clearing, and the Atlasprofilax Method for treatment of a wide range of conditions. For more information see the display ad on page 15 of the 25.3 September/October issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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