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Volume 25 Issue 3
September/October 2019

The Wandering Market: Building a Strong Sustainable Food Culture!

a heart’s calling…

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Some Flavour Country!

The Atlasprofilax Method
A Gentle Correction to the Atlas (C1)

What You Need to Know About IRIDOLOGY

Harmonizing Hormones for Better Health

Remembering Rosemary

Self-Care is Never Selfish


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 25 Issue 3 — September/October 2019
by Melva Armstrong

I have been enjoying the gorgeous summer days and taking in the sunshine and warmth. I always hope the charge of warmth in my bones will keep me warm throughout the winter, but it doesn’t last long enough. (lol!) I planted a small garden rather late in the season and some of the seeds have matured and are growing nicely and some didn’t break the earth. I planted six seedling tomato plants and they are growing well and have a number of green tomatoes on them. Of course we’ve already had several frost warnings and thankfully no damage has been done.

I can feel the occasional autumn coolness in the air now as the days draw closer to my favourite season. It is always so exciting to reap what we have sown and in many cases we get to enjoy what others have sown. This is a serious point as it has been scientifically proven that harmful toxins have been found in some of our commercial food supplies. That’s why I feel we ought to grow our own food, and if that isn’t possible, then our best approach is to support and nurture our local farmers’ markets, food vendors, and food suppliers.

In this issue we are featuring two articles on women who have dedicated their time and energy to creating food businesses that are in service to the people in the local communities in which they each live. Mallory Dawn is the owner of Soul Foods Conscious Grocer and the Heart of Riversdale Community Market & Café in Saskatoon. In her article, a heart’s calling… (p.10), she explains why she knows firsthand the importance whole foods have on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, because earlier in her life she used them to physically heal herself. This is why she has now dedicated her life to helping support others by coming up with unique ways to provide good wholesome food to everyone, knowing they will all have different levels of income. She is also open to having people join her as she goes forward, so if reading the article speaks to your heart, then you may want to learn more.

After moving from Edmonton to Saskatchewan thirteen years ago, Nadine LeBean missed the organic grocery stores but loved the simpler rural life. Soon after getting to know many of the locals, she discovered the area was rich in people with massive gardens, fruit trees, free-range livestock, and organic grains. It didn’t take long before she had the inspiration to start what she calls The Wandering Market (article p. 16), where she would gather up whole and natural products from the local farms and make up food boxes and deliver them to those who ordered from her. Nadine has long been dedicated to building a strong sustainable food culture and with the help of other like-minded folks along the journey, her business has grown and she has now moved into a large building in the heart of Moose Jaw. She says, “This place will be a hub of food education and community that comes together over supper.” She believes the potential of people here is limitless, and is needed and desired. People want to know where their food comes from and what to do with it, she says, and it’s what brings people together every day. I know you will enjoy reading her article, it is full of love and inspiration, caring and nurturing, and comes right from her heart.

It is more people like Nadine and Mallory that our world so needs today. It seems like it is out of control and we just need to get back to basics and a sense of peace, love, and community. I am inspired by these two forward-thinking women and their dedication to making their dreams and hopes come true, not for themselves alone but for the betterment of the whole community and for the planet on which we live.

Speaking further about food, our Mindful Eating columnist, Stacey Tress, has provided an article called, Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Some Flavour Country! (p. 8). She asks, “What makes food taste so good and where does flavour come from?” It’s a very in-depth article in which she answers these questions and provides recipes and references so you can learn a whole lot more about fresh food flavour, as well as how to preserve it.

I encourage you to read this issue from cover to cover as there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is presented in all the articles and by all the advertisers.

Blessed be for the bounty of our earth and for the autumnal equinox!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you!)

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