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Volume 25 Issue 6
March/April 2020

Baking Gluten Free and Why!


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 25 Issue 6 — March/April 2020
by Melva Armstrong

Hooray! It’s nearly spring and that’s exciting! It is always so welcome and exhilarating after the long cold winter. We can stay outdoors now without a lot of gear on and not freeze. Spring always has that feeling of “freedom” for me. Now I can let loose!

With that said, I welcome everyone to the March/April 2020 issue. With it I have completed a milestone of publishing WHOLifE Journal for 25 years. I received the idea for it in December 1994, and the first issue came out in May/June 1995. I was visiting friends in Edmonton for the 1994 Christmas holidays. We were out looking in the shops and I noticed a copy of Life Rhythms on a local stand. When I looked at the copy, I heard a voice in my head say, “Saskatoon doesn’t have anything like this. It’s something you could do.” I had recently returned to live in Saskatoon and I was at a turning point in my life. Therefore, this message seemed like a call from heaven.

Suffice it to say, these past 25 years have been filled with a myriad of amazing experiences. The most important thing to tell you is that it has always been a labour of love for me to do this work. I have been blessed to meet and work with some of the most wonderful people on the planet, and I learn so much from all of them. I say thank you to everyone who has been part of my work and life. How many people in business send love and hugs to each other in their letters and emails? I get to do that and so do those I communicate with. It is really fun and joyful to be part of the natural health and wellness communities that abound in our province, and on the planet. My experience is that everyone who is part of these health-conscious communities is full of love, caring, and enthusiasm. It is obvious to me that their work too is really a labour of love. It’s a magical feeling to be a part of the conscious awakening of so many people who are discovering things to do that they truly love. They are sharing their gifts and talents and helping to heal the planet for the highest good of all. I am grateful to be part of a huge community of like-minded folks.

WHOLifE Journal will be 25 YEARS OLD this spring 2020I am organizing celebrations of some sort and haven’t any details to provide at this time, but will keep people posted in the May/June 2020 issue and through emails and on Facebook.

This new issue you are holding contains another amazing amount of wholeness and wellness information for you to enjoy, as you travel on your exciting life journey. It has been a true pleasure working with all those who are part of it. Each issue has its own unique path of unfolding and it is always new, delightful, and full of cool connections and most often lovely surprises.

Many who have been following WHOLifE over the years will remember our food writer Paulette Millis from the early days. Her articles graced the pages for many years and she has gone on to write at least five books on the subject of cooking, health, and healing. We are repeating one of her articles from 2006 titled, Baking Gluten Free and Why! (p. 8). It is a timely subject and one that has become quite prominent in our world for various reasons, so I thought it would be good to review Paulette’s research on why gluten free has become so important to human and pet health.

We have also included an interview we did with Paulette Millis about her new Heartwood Healing Center (p. 22), located just northwest of Saskatoon near Borden. It has been her labour of love for her to convert an old church into a healing centre where she offers a whole lot of unique experiences. Be sure to check out the interview and see the impressive photos.

Harreson and Blanche Tanner are coming to Saskatchewan in April and May, bringing their many years of experience as personal development and life enhancement facilitators. You can learn more about their many offerings in their article, Health, Healing, and Harmony Within Families and Communities (p. 16).

I always encourage you to read from cover to cover as there is so much more knowledge written on these pages, offering you numerous ways to keep yourselves healthy, wealthy, whole, and happy!

May the return of the light bring you joy, love, healing, laughter, and well-being in every aspect of your life. Blessed be!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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