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Statement of Purpose

We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.


Volume 25 Issue 6 — March/April 2020

The current issueBaking Gluten Free and Why!
by Paulette Millis

Why would anyone want to make the extra effort to learn to make baked goods without gluten? Several reasons, the most common being a gluten allergy, where the individual must avoid any grains and foods that contain gluten. For those who are blessed with the ability to handle gluten, it is wise to vary the grains in your diet. Different grains have different nutrients, so there is the benefit of a more balanced intake of nutrients. Some grains are much higher in amino acids, for example, than others. These amino acids contribute to a higher quality of protein when combined with other essential amino acids, such as legumes. Varying the diet with gluten-free grains and/or flours protects our bowels, in particular, from many diseases that are possibly worsened by the flattening of the villi caused by gluten. We also protect ourselves from future allergies by giving our bodies a break from continually ingesting the same food such as wheat, for example. Grandma was right when she said, “All foods in moderation".

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Health, Healing, and Harmony Within Families and Communities
by Harreson and Blanche Tanner

Family and Human Systems Constellations Work – developed by German author, psychoanalyst, poet, and healer, Bert Hellinger, who passed on recently in his 90s – was probably Europe’s most innovative and provocative psychotherapist, and, a best-selling author. Implicit in Constellations work is the insight that there is a natural order within all systems. Problems and intractable situations arise when one or more of these natural “orders” are being ignored or violated. Bert Hellinger, www.hellinger.com, states that these natural laws and orders are given by nature itself. The ability to resolve problems, and/or “settle” a disturbed system, is often found when we consent to and follow these orders rather than resist them

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The Thing About Sugar: What You Need to Know for Healthy Balance
by Nina Lane

Sugar (in the form of glucose) has a very important job in our body: cells and tissues all over the body get the energy they need to move and function from glucose. In nature, sugar (in its many forms) is found in lots of healthful foods, such as fruit and vegetables. Recently, sugar has been getting a lot of bad press and for good reason. The problem is that consuming too much sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, premature aging, and more. As incidences of these health issues continue to rise, it is important for us to understand how sugar impacts our bodies. Here’s a few things you need to know about sugar that can help you make the best choices for your health.

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Trichology and Hair Loss
by Jennifer McCowan

Losing your hair is a very stressful, traumatic, and often embarrassing situation. I understand, because I have lost my own hair. This experience fueled my need to help others with their hair loss, so after 23 years of being a stylist, I retired from behind the chair and began a new career in Trichology, which is the science of hair and scalp disorders. Trichologists help those suffering with issues such as hair loss (alopecia), dry and oily dandruff, and hair shaft disorders. It is a holistic field which uses a wholistic, non-invasive approach to hair loss and other scalp and hair concerns by trying to get to the root of the issue, subsequently benefitting the body as a whole. Saskatchewan’s first trichological centre, Hope Hair Recovery, can evaluate your medical history, lifestyle, and environment and try and get to the root of the problem, in addition to addressing the symptoms.

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Prairie Sky Integrative Health
by Prairie Sky Integrative Health Collective

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a health professional dedicated to your well-being? Someone to listen to you, hear your health concerns, use their knowledge and expertise to determine what might be standing in the way of you attaining and maintaining your optimal health? Someone to put together an individualized treatment plan just for you? And to help coach, guide, and inspire you in its implementation?

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The Power of Gratitude – Wellness Skill #1
by Jody Willows

What is Wellness?

One definition of wellness is feeling good and feeling good about yourself. It is also making others feel good about themselves and what they are doing. The primary relationship skill for doing that is gratitude. Recently, a friend was walking through the food court in a mall and spotted a female janitor cleaning up a huge mess someone had left on a table and the floor beside it. When he stopped to thank her for a job well done, her face lit up like a candle. She smiled, blushed and said, “Thank you, you made my day.”

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Heartwood Healing Center
WHOLifE Interview with Paulette Millis

WHOLifE: I'm happy to see you have finally realized another dream of yours. I remember when you started writing for this journal, back in the late 90s, and how that morphed into publishing 5 books on healing the body, two national bestsellers! Tell me about the Heartwood Healing Center.

Paulette: December 1, 2017, I purchased the Borden Mennonite Church building in the RM of Great Bend, and began renovations to make it into a healing retreat. I had been co-owner previously, and decided it was time to turn it into a centre to promote healing. It was an experience of a lifetime, as I am not very knowledgeable about renos, but, let me tell you, I had to learn fast!

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by Melva Armstrong

Hooray! It’s nearly spring and that’s exciting! It is always so welcome and exhilarating after the long cold winter. We can stay outdoors now without a lot of gear on and not freezing. Spring always has that feeling of “freedom” for me. Now I can let loose! With that said, I welcome everyone to the March/April 2020 issue. With it I have completed a milestone of publishing WHOLifE Journal for 25 years. I received the idea for it in December 1994, and the first issue came out in May/June 1995. I was visiting friends in Edmonton for the 1994 Christmas holidays. We were out looking in the shops and I noticed a copy of Life Rhythms on a local stand. When I looked at the copy, I heard a voice in my head say, “Saskatoon doesn’t have anything like this. It’s something you could do.” I had recently returned to live in Saskatoon and I was at a turning point in my life. Therefore, this message seemed like a call from heaven.

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