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Volume 29 Issue 2
July/August 2023

The Wild Harvest, How Nature Provides

Gone Swimming: The Manitou Waters Whole Body – Whole Mind Healing Arts Spa Retreat

Energetic Gardening and Spiritual Cultivation

RAPID™ for Pain

When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Working: A Single Question

The Art of Sound Bathing

Autonomous Taboo: The Art of Tattoo and the Feminine


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 29 Issue 2— July/August 2023
by Melva Armstrong

I am very happy summer is finally here. It means I can spend more time outdoors, enjoying all the magnificent designs, creations, and energies that our Mother Earth provides for healing and nurturing us. There is so much beauty and joy in being part of nature by doing things like walking, running, cycling, gardening, landscaping, planting, watering, and the blessed practise known as Earthing (putting our bare feet onto the earth), a relatively new concept, also known as grounding, which works through exchanging energies with the Earth. Kristoffer Bergen speaks about this as part of his Energetic Gardening and Spiritual Cultivation article (p. 14). You will want to read his entire article filled with his expertise on the subject of plants and how to learn from them and how best to communicate with them.

It has been another lovely time working with all the beautiful people who are part of this exciting summer issue. Everything just seems to magically come together and when it is all completed, there’s a radiant harmony that flows throughout the pages. I hope you will take time to look closely into the variety of material and discover some hidden gems that will touch you in ways you hadn’t experienced before.

I am blessed doing this work, because the people I meet believe in making a positive difference in our world. They are finding ways to help bring peace and healing and kindness to those they meet and whom they work with, and moreover they are helping the entire world. Their goodwill energy radiates and touches everything near and far.

There are a number of summer events happening in Saskatchewan in which you may want to partake. You’ll find some listed within articles and others will be mentioned within their advertising, or in both. The Art of Sound Bathing by Tara Semple with Dr. Julie Zepp (p. 24) is being introduced for the first time in WHOLifE, and as you can imagine it has a lot to do with energy vibrations and healing through the power of sound bathing. They have some events listed inside their article, so you have some choices to consider.

Gone Swimming: The Manitou Waters Healing Arts Spa Retreat (p. 10) by Sussanna Czeranko, ND, “is offering a spa program in which you can fully experience the wholeness of body and mind.” There are a variety of activities listed in their display ad that will be going on throughout the summer. Manitou Beach is a unique gathering place, especially in the summer.

We are reminded of another fun summer activity by Amy Miller in her article, The Wild Harvest: How Nature Provides (p. 8), and that is getting out and finding those fruit-laden trees and bushes to pick the natural wild fruit provided by Mother Earth. You can make it a delightful group effort by going together with family and/or friends.

On page 30, you can read the article, Discover Your Purpose by Jeanne Hoag, and start making plans for an exciting 3-day experiential autumn retreat on October 20-22 in the beautiful Cypress Hills, SK.

For me, I feel it is important to Value Your Wisdom by The Visionary Hub (p. 23), because it “empowers you to navigate the complexities of life with clarity, resilience, and grace.” The article goes on to remind everyone that, “…letting your Light of Wisdom guide you on your path leads to living a more authentic, purposeful, and fulfilling life.”

I encourage you to read this issue from cover to cover, because there are more genuine nuggets of wisdom to discover and therefore to add to your list of ideas that hopefully will help keep your life on track.

In closing, I say “Thank You” to everyone who supports WHOLifE Journal now and over the many years I’ve been publishing it. May you all enjoy a beautiful and peaceful summer, and may you regularly bless the world around you with Acts of Random Kindness (ARK). That way, we can help create a more peaceful and loving world for everyone.

Until next time, be well and “Don’t worry, be happy!”

I love you!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you.)

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