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Statement of Purpose

We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.

Current Issue

Volume 29 Issue 2— July/August 2023

The current issueThe Wild Harvest, How Nature Provides
by Amy Miller

This time of the summer comes with great anticipation on our farm. This is the season of one of the most satisfying harvests, the wild harvest. Once the time is right and the cherries are ready (towards the end of July or sometimes as late as mid-August), we head out to our trusty picking spots as a family each evening for about a week and harvest chokecherries. We are lucky to own the same piece of land that my husband’s family homesteaded back in 1913, and it has a ton of chokecherry bushes scattered throughout the various draws and coulees. Chokecherries are typically a prairie-grown fruit and seem to be predominantly around in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They form a large bush or small tree depending on the area. Over time they tend to self-seed themselves and the strongest survive to be covered in flowers and then cherries.

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Gone Swimming: The Manitou Waters Whole Body – Whole Mind Healing Arts Spa Retreat
by Sussanna Czeranko, ND

Summer 2023 pounced on Saskatchewan, pushing spring off the landscape in no time. One day snow and ice were ubiquitous; the next, the fast melt. Snowdrops, pansies, violets, and crocuses popped like sentinels out of warming ground and pointed ahead to the eighteen hours of daylight on the way. Even Little Manitou Lake has warmed up early. What better timing for treating yourself to some down time, for some serious relaxation.

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Energetic Gardening and Spiritual Cultivation
by Kristoffer Bergen

A garden is a spiritual place. A gardener is a spiritual being. I have been a lover of plants all my life. Initiated into gardening by my mother and grandmother, I have always tended to any piece of land that I might call my “own.” As my gardening skills developed, my love of wilderness gradually flowed into my garden spaces. Possessing a liaise-faire laziness about the yard, balanced by good aesthetic sense, I found that wild and native plants tolerated some measure of neglect, and yet still looked great, or even best when left alone. I encourage you to bring a bit of wilderness into your space. Myself, things began with plants sometimes wanting to come with me, grabbing my attention while foraging for mushrooms or berries. Invariably others would tag along, hidden in the soil. Soon I had an abundance of wild strawberries, lilies, grasses, and forest flowers throughout the yard.

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RAPID™ for Pain
by Tammy Wyatt

One of the things I love about my profession as a registered massage therapist (RMT) is the diversity of interest and learning. There are so many benefits from receiving massage, and since the very beginning of my career, my focus has been on building my skill set in the direction of therapeutic massage therapy. I find working with people to regain their movement, restoring their activities, and reducing pain the most rewarding part of my career. The latest approach I have decided to incorporate into my practise is RAPID™ Neurofascial Reset or RAPID™.

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When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Working: A Single Question
by Node Smith

“I eat a healthy diet, I exercise, and take supplements. I don’t understand why I have these symptoms.” I start getting curious when I hear these things. And when the story continues, “I’ve seen a couple of different naturopathic doctors [or functional medicine doctors], and I’ve had some improvement, but generally I’m still in the same condition as I was before all the lab tests, the supplements, exercise programs and diets. . .” I get really, REALLY curious.

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The Art of Sound Bathing
by Tara Semple with Dr. Julie Zepp

Listen deeply, the Sound Field awaits. This is your personal invitation on a journey to self. Can you hear the call to step up and try something new? The Sun Series is about gathering community, giving rise to a new energy, one that invites us within, through the practice of sound bathing, music, and inspiring spoken word. The focus of this series is to follow the natural energies of the Sun, following her full circle around the Earth. Winter Solstice, Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumnal Equinox. It is about inviting in the messages that lay within this natural cycle. Are we in balance? Are we feeling the warmth of life? Can we sit in the darkness?

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Autonomous Taboo: The Art of Tattoo and the Feminine
by Colleen A. J. Smith

The feminine body has been depicted throughout history as a sacred site, a pillar of strength, nurturing, protection and ceremony – a vessel within and through which humanity’s epic narrative is created, kept, nourished, cherished, and passed on through the centuries. Without its intuitive nature, gestural intimacy, and its power to perpetuate life, there would be no tangible record of the great beauty of humankind, nor any story of the evolution of the universal community. The essence of the feminine exists within the presence of the body and its unique gestural language. Our bodies, what we do with them, how we use them, and how we choose to represent them to the world are a visceral record of our cultural, spiritual, and creative evolutionary existence.

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by Melva Armstrong

I am very happy summer is finally here. It means I can spend more time outdoors, enjoying all the magnificent designs, creations, and energies that our Mother Earth provides for healing and nurturing us. There is so much beauty and joy in being part of nature by doing things like walking, running, cycling, gardening, landscaping, planting, watering, and the blessed practise known as Earthing (putting our bare feet onto the earth), a relatively new concept, also known as grounding, which works through exchanging energies with the Earth. Kristoffer Bergen speaks about this as part of his Energetic Gardening and Spiritual Cultivation article (p. 14). You will want to read his entire article filled with his expertise on the subject of plants and how to learn from them and how best to communicate with them.

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