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Volume 29 Issue 6
March/April 2024

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Featuring the Benefits of Interplanting

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Jin Shin Therapy
“A Simple Art for Complicated Times”

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Transforming Loss into Legacy: Honouring Loved Ones and Finding Purpose

From Participant to Facilitator: Embracing Holistic Healing Retreats

The Culinary Pharmacy: Intuitive Eating, Ancestral Healing, and Your Personal Nutrition Plan by Lisa Masé

An Easter Fantasy Story


Transforming Loss into Legacy: Honouring Loved Ones and Finding Purpose
Courtesy of The Visionary Hub
Courtesy of the Visionary  Hub

**Grief is a Universal experience that, while often filled with pain and heartache, holds the potential for profound growth, transformation, and even the discovery of new meaning and purpose in Life**

Looking back on these past years, all of us have faced some kind of loss. It might be someone we cared about dying, losing a job, or a big plan falling apart, or just the way our lives used to be and are now changing a lot. 

Big feelings like loss and grief usually happen in stages, and going through these stages needs time and patience with yourself as you deal with all the feelings. 

We often talk about the five steps of grief, but remember, it’s not a straight path, and for me reading David Kessler’s book, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief, has given me such perspective; learning to remember those who have died with more love than pain, and learning to move forward in a way that honours our loved ones.

Sometimes, even when we see it coming, the shock of loss hits us harder than we can bear. We might find ourselves slipping into “denial”: it’s like our heart’s way of pressing pause, giving us some space to breathe and take in the reality at our own rhythm. As the fog of denial clears, we’re often met with a storm of “anger.” This isn’t just any anger; it’s deep, raw, and it might lash out in every direction. It’s a part of how we shield ourselves, a fierce but fragile attempt to cope with the pain.

In the “bargaining” stage, we’re often grasping for control in a sea of uncertainty. It’s when we replay every moment, every decision, wishing for a way to rewrite the story. “What if” becomes a mantra, a way to cling to the past, hoping against hope for a different ending.

When the reality of the present moment sinks in, it can feel like being submerged in an ocean of sorrow. “Depression” can leave us feeling lost, exhausted, and overwhelmed with a sense of emptiness. It’s a time when everything feels muted, and we might wonder how we can ever move forward.

Finding “acceptance” doesn’t erase the loss, nor does it promise pure happiness. Yet, it offers a glimmer of hope, a chance to breathe deeply and begin to find our way again. It’s a quiet acknowledgment that while life has irrevocably changed, there is a path forward, one step at a time.

Finding “meaning” through grief has been a profound journey that has transformed my pain into a deeper understanding of life. I have discovered the strength in vulnerability, learning that even in loss, there’s a potential for growth and renewal. 

Experiencing grief is deeply personal and it’s a process that can be filled with a wide range of emotions, from sadness and anger to confusion and frustration. It’s essential to acknowledge and validate these emotions, as they are all a part of the grieving process.

As you navigate through grief, it’s important to remember that finding meaning in your experience is an integral part of the healing process. This doesn’t mean that you should try to find a reason for your loss, but rather, explore how your experience can contribute to your personal growth and understanding of life.
One way to do this is by reflecting on the lessons that your experience has taught you, and how it has shaped your perspective on life. You may find that you have developed greater compassion or resilience, or a deeper appreciation for the people and things in your life. Sharing your story and listening to others can help you feel less alone and provide a space for healing and connection.

Finding “meaning” through grief is a unique and individual process, and it may take time and exploration to discover what it means for you. Be gentle with yourself, seek support when needed, and trust that in time, you will find a way to honour your experience and grow from it while honouring your loved ones’ memories.

You are invited to join them in-person or online for an experience of new possibilities…it is truly transformative. For more information, visit thevisionaryhub.org, Facebook, or call (306) 783-7737. Also see the display ad on page 23 of the 29.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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