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Statement of Purpose

We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.


Volume 29 Issue 6— March/April 2024

The current issueMy Thoughts are Turning to Gardening
Featuring the Benefits of Interplanting

by Stacey Wiebe

Spring is upon us and with that, my thoughts invariably turn to gardening. As organic farmers, my partner and I strive to turn away from mono-cropping on a large scale, and incorporate more diverse species in our fields where we produce our grains and oilseeds. Not only is this a good practice in farming, but it is also an excellent practice in our home gardens.

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Planning Your Open-Pollinated Garden For Seed Saving, Part 2
by Shanon Hilton

In Part 1, we talked about why we want to choose open-pollinated varieties when saving seed. In Part 2, we are going to discuss the fun part – planning for seed saving! The first consideration is space. How much space do you have? Some plants don’t change in size when saving seed from them, but some do. Growing radishes for the root and saving seed from radishes means growing two very different sized plants. When plants go to seed, many get much bigger than we expect (3-4x the size or more!), and so we need to factor that in when planning.

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Jin Shin Therapy
“A Simple Art for Complicated Times”

by Rod Kaminski

The name Jin Shin Jyutsu means, “The Art of the Creator through the person of compassion.” This is a gentle non-invasive art that enables a person to bring about a sense of balance to their life. Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced Jin Shin Jit-Sue) can be best described as a light touch acupressure. With the reality that we live in, called “duality,” it is imperative that we arm ourselves with simple tools that we use daily, if needed. The goal is to harmonize the body to a balanced state by enacting a conscious strategy to ride with the waves of life in a more neutral/harmonious state of mind and being. Make no mistake that the highs and lows will come, but how extreme these shifts become in our reality can be determined by our actions.

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Preparing for Surgery
by Pam Fichtner

When you have a surgery, there are many considerations that are important to take into account – before surgery, while you are there at the hospital, immediately after the surgery, and your ongoing recovery. In our Western culture in the medical model, having surgery on any part of one’s body can be seen as rote, as a standard procedure, and sometimes medical professionals may lose sight that this is a new and potentially traumatic experience for the person. They are in the position to explain the surgery fully and reassure, which they often do, and yet there are other supports that one can bring in to help make the experience fully supportive.

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Transforming Loss into Legacy: Honouring Loved Ones and Finding Purpose
Courtesy of The Visionary Hub

**Grief is a Universal experience that, while often filled with pain and heartache, holds the potential for profound growth, transformation, and even the discovery of new meaning and purpose in Life**

Looking back on these past years, all of us have faced some kind of loss. It might be someone we cared about dying, losing a job, or a big plan falling apart, or just the way our lives used to be and are now changing a lot.

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From Participant to Facilitator: Embracing Holistic Healing Retreats
by Annie Anderson

Having experienced the profound impact of attending retreats as a participant, I've come to recognize the immense value they offer in fostering personal growth and transformation. However, it wasn't until I delved into the realm of holistic healing retreats that I truly understood the depth of their potential. Today, I stand not only as a participant, but also as a facilitator, eager to share the transformative power of these retreats with others.

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The Culinary Pharmacy: Intuitive Eating, Ancestral Healing, and Your Personal Nutrition Plan by Lisa Masé
—An Excerpt: Reprinted with permission from Healing Arts Press

The sense of timelessness is what first drew me to cooking. I remember standing on a chair at my grandmother’s stove, tending a pot of freshly picked apricots. I could have been stirring for minutes, or hours. It didn’t matter. I watched, enraptured, as the sweet-tart fruit bubbled into jam. This summer ritual of making preserves has followed me in my travels. After I moved to my mom’s hometown, Kansas City, as a pre-teen, I continued to find ways to cook traditional foods. I would invite new friends over for homemade pasta, or crostata, an Italian fruit pie, which I always nostalgically filled with apricot jam.

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by Melva Armstrong

The days, weeks, and months are flying by, and already it’s the March/April 2024 issue. We’ve had incredibly mild weather, which has been a very pleasant break from our usual extremely cold winters. I love my daily walks because it feels so good to breath in the fresh air, and bask in Mother Nature’s healing and nurturing energies. Living in the country lets us see many beautiful skies and exceptionally beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Being out in nature is a true healer. I’m hoping you, too, will find time each day to be outside, even if it’s a short period. Your body, mind, and spirit deserve to include a nature break in your daily routine, and they will thank you.

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