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Volume 29 Issue 6
March/April 2024

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An Easter Fantasy Story


An Easter Fantasy Story
—Written in 2023 by Willow Gieni When She Was Nine
Christina Harabor

Once upon a time, it was almost Easter Sunday, the day of Easter, where kids could enjoy the pleasurable time of year. The children get to mangle their chocolate bunnies for goods, and then the parents have to hear the younger ones complain about stomach aches.

The legendary Easter Bunny, however, didn’t mean to harm some of these poor children in such a way, but if he knew, he’d probably put a post-it note on the chocolate bunny with a warning. Over at Easter Island, the Bunny, a perfect snow white with a small grape-purple bow, and matching suit, was currently dealing with these complaints by throwing on warning notes on every chocolate bunny, which were all soon going to be sent on Easter. One of the sun-yellow, fluff-ball-like chicks had offered to help, but the Bunny refused, since everyone knew that chicks had poor penmanship. The Bunny’s troubles were alarming, especially after he got an insulting letter saying something about him giving too much chocolate and not enough toys for the kids.

As if this letter wasn’t enough to drain the Easter Bunny’s spirits, but just then one of his chicks came in with a sack, bursting at the seams, with even more of the fussy complaint letters. “Drop it here,” the Easter Bunny said, with an agitated sigh. The chick nodded with a simple “cluck,” then threw the bag down, wheezing at its weight. After the chick left, the Bunny began to read the letters, each one whinier and more offending than the last.

That’s when he noticed something. All of the letters had the same return address, even though the writers of each letter seemed to have a different personality. Outraged, the Bunny stomped to his computer to type in the return address and figure out the identity of the letter-writer. The moment he sat down, the computer reported that he had an “Emergency Message,” which meant a prank photo of a chicken's butt sent by one of his chicks. Dismissing the silly message, he searched and searched for where the return address led, but he just couldn’t find it. Soon enough the Bunny gave up and went back to work.

A little ways away from Easter Island, there was land where several humans thrived, around the city of New York. In a forest was a small dome, and giggles erupted from it as the creatures within it guffawed at the frustrated image of the Easter Bunny. These “creatures” were a colony of gnomes that were rather on the pranking, sour side. “Ha ha ha! We totally pulled his cottontail! Look at that face!” crowed one of the Gnomes with a green hat and jumpsuit, rolling around in laughter. “You bet!” another Gnome in a blue hat and jumpsuit chirped, grinning like an idiot. The gnomes were making fun of the bunny’s face on their micro-screen that showed everything, and they were the ones sending the mysterious letters. They were trying to sabotage Easter, and this was Phase 1 for them, and they were only trying to sabotage it because they don’t think it’s fair that they don’t get anything, and they thought the Bunny was a jerk in general.

“Phase 1 is a real go, just look at how stressed he is! We need to put Phase 2 of the sabotage into action!” the leader of the colony, a gnome wearing all gold and cool sunglasses shouted. “Yeah!” the gnomes all chorused together, punching their fists in the air. The gnomes whispered to each other, going through the details of Phase 2. They were going to make the Bunny’s chicks go crazy, by putting up an announcement, “Go wild even if the Bunny says stop!” because the chicks are so gullible. “LET'S GO!” the leader cried and soon enough they were marching off to Easter Island in large troops. After a near-death experience while swimming, the gnomes arrived at their destination. The sun had set by now, so this gave the gnomes plenty of time to make their announcement without being noticed.

They quickly scurried to the Easter Island head that the Easter Bunny infested with his dastardly chicks. Or that was the way the Gnomes worded it, anyways. “RAHHHH!” All of the Gnomes screeched as they tore down the secret entrance. “GNOME KICK!!” roared half of the gnomes once they were inside, tearing down the elevator like a group of angry dinos. They all kept terrorizing the place to enter, acting pretty horrifying for a measly group of gnomes. After their destruction session, the gnomes found their way to the intercom speakers. “ATTENTION ALL CHICKS, YOU CAN RUN WILD LIKE A BUNCH OF MANIACS AND NOT LISTEN TO ME, THE BUNNY!!!!! RUN WIIIIIIIILD!!!!!!!”

Four of the gnomes, the ones that were the wildest of the bunch, screamed into the intercom, then started laughing like crazy when they saw all of the chicks do as they were commanded. One chick started eating a chocolate egg, while several others joined in. Another started a round of “Rock Band” and started to shred the guitar as if he were a real rock star. The chicks started a disco party amidst the chaos, and they all started to make pyramids out of each other like great mountains, then collapsed, only to do it all over again. To the gnome's delight, the Easter Bunny came out in shock, trying to stop the chicks from wreaking havoc, but to no avail. Satisfied, the gnomes left Easter Island and went back to their home.

Once in their dome, the gnomes looked at their micro-screen, which showed the Bunny running around as the chicks began throwing toilet paper and trampling their poor leader. “Ha ha ha ha! Phase 2 was a total success! Even more hilarious than Phase 1!” cackled one of the gnomes, rolling on the floor with his friend. As the gnomes had their laughing fit, soon enough their focus went to their leader. The leader rubbed his hands together. “The third and final phase will take place on Easter Day," he said. “Clyde, Tony, Josh, and Taylor,” he added, pointing to some of the gnomes. “Steal 300 chicks from the Bunny, we’ll need them.” The gnomes nodded and went off. After the chicks were collected, the gnomes waited for Easter, going over their battle plan.

Meanwhile, the Bunny was very, very stressed as he lectured his chicks, scolding them, reminding himself to use words they hated. Soon he was packing to go on his big journey to deliver Easter. The next day, the Bunny was surprised he even succeeded in bringing Easter without missing anyone, or being late. The night had been long, and once he had fallen asleep in the middle of the job. During the Bunny’s break, on Easter Day, the gnomes put their plan in action, bursting through doors of houses, riding chicks like horses, and destroying baskets of toys and candy. The aftermath of this was several weeping kids and angry grown-ups, but the gnomes were only eating their stolen chocolate from the bunnies they had mangled. In the end, the gnomes took over Easter Island, the chicks started partying all day, and the Easter Bunny became the gnomes’ servant, by wiping tables and cleaning up after the chicks. The Gnomes had never had such a successful scheme!

Willow Gieni lives with her family in Moose Jaw, SK. She is now ten years old and has been writing since she was four. She wrote this Easter Fantasy story when she was nine.


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