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Volume 9 Issue 2
July/Aug 2003

Drum-Drum! Drum-Drum!

Broccoli! Bursting With Nutrition!

Intestinal Cleansing
Grass Roots to the Healing Process

Gain Clarity — Improve Healing

Becoming the Creator of Your Life!


Volume 9 Issue 2 - July/August 2003
by Melva Armstrong

I recently treated myself to a holiday in Ottawa and Toronto, joyfully visiting old friends and getting to know new ones. While away I was reading a book called, …and the truth shall set you free by David Icke. His introduction is titled, "We are what we think." Then shortly thereafter he reminds us that "Knowledge is power!" These words rang very strongly inside me. They are simple yet very profound.

After I read them I realized that I must have knowledge in order to know myself. It reminded me that I must take the time to listen to my inner knowledge (as well as acquiring outer knowledge) and to keep my own counsel so that I am not controlled and manipulated by external circumstances, both locally and globally. I believe in the need to question everything and not to take things for granted. Also not to believe everything I hear or read, especially in the mainstream media. Otherwise it seems I am doing myself a disservice and am underestimating my own power, strength, and wisdom.

In Icke's book he talks a lot about the "darkness" that exists on our planet and within the universe, which I believe is important to know and understand, but he does say that despite all the darkness, the "light" which exists inside all of us can dispel the darkness. But the only way we can each tap into our light is to know ourselves. When each one of us on this planet taps into our light we will have knowledge and thus a light-filled world, and there will be no place for darkness to exist.

Icke's words were not news to me but they were an important reminder, especially at this time in history when global war and violence seem to be taking a stronghold on many levels and creating a sense of disconnectedness and fear among human beings everywhere, for me to keep my own counsel and to reconnect with the light inside me, which ultimately is the universal light that connects us all to each other. I urge everyone who reads this and who thinks they don't have any power to affect change on our planet to think again and to know that each of us has all the power of the universe inside us and we just need to tap into it. When the majority of us are doing this then wars and violence will no longer exist. I believe, amidst the darkness and chaos which appear to be prevalent right now, there are many in our human family working with the light and through them our world is being renewed and rejuvenated even as I write these words. Have faith and know there are many on this Earth working for, praying for, and fostering world peace! At the same time they are patiently waiting for everyone to recognize the universal light inside themselves and to eventually join them in keeping the world filled with light!

I feel blessed to be doing this work with WHOLifE Journal, publishing and disseminating all kinds of knowledge about the human body, mind, and spirit so we can be healthier human beings, so we can become more aware of our light and thus spread our kindness and love far and near. Our province has a wealth of healers, wholistic practitioners, and people from every walk of life teaching and learning how to be healthy, happy, and at peace. Everyday more people are taking responsibility for their health and wellness; may they know there will always be someone there to help and guide them. Ask and you shall receive! That's how it works. We live in the company of good and caring friends in Saskatchewan and as you read through the pages of this journal you will get to know many of them, if you haven't already, and they are all there to serve, for the highest good of all!

As WHOLifE begins the second issue of year nine I thank the advertisers, contributing writers, and everyone who has helped in any way over the years. Without all of you this journal would not have existed. I encourage everyone to keep up your good health, your good work, and your good spirit, and together we will travel forward joyfully on this path of life.

I wish you all a delightful and fun-filled July and August. May you enjoy the words of wisdom in the pages of this issue and may the heat of the summer sunshine warm your soul and nurture your spirit.

In love and light,


(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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