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Volume 13 Issue 5
March/April 2008

What's the Scoop on Chocolate?

Late-breaking Natural Health News!


Living "Green" Both Inside and Out

Ion Cleansing: The New Trend in Detox

Now is the Time to Awaken Your Powers & Heal the Earth

For the Love of Horses


Living "Green" Both Inside and Out
Health Begins in the Colon

by Dr. Edward Group
Dr. Edward Group

Your Body is Exposed to Millions of Toxins Every Day!

The body cannot become green if it isn't first clean, and the body can't become clean unless it is free of toxins and other harmful substances. As you learn to recycle, reuse, and reduce consumption, you can remove toxic substances from your external environment, but did you know you must also remove them from your internal environment-your body?

Just as the outer environments in which we live can become polluted with trash, violated with industrial chemicals, and covered in sickness-causing smog, our entire inner environments (our bodies) can become filled with toxic garbage as well.

You see, every day your body is bombarded with toxins from food, beverages, air, water, drugs, stress, heavy metals, harmful radiation, and deadly parasites. These toxins suppress your body's self-healing mechanisms to cause disease, chronic fatigue, anxieties, weight gain, and many other negative health conditions. Over 90% of toxins enter your body via the intestinal tract and from there they enter your bloodstream and begin to permeate every living cell, organ, and biological system. Through my research, clinical practice, and also my work as a natural healthcare educator and living green consultant, I am able to affirm that disease literally begins in the colon. The good thing is health also begins in the colon. In other words, just as the key to disease exists inside the body, so does the cure!

It has been long established that the body can cure itself if properly nourished and cleansed of toxins. By adopting an eco-friendly green mindset, you can actually improve your body through better nutrition and reduce your impact on the world's resources at the same time. My book, Health Begins In The Colon, provides simple and easy solutions for preventing disease, restoring or achieving optimal health, and obtaining a Green Body, Green Home, Green Workplace, and best of all a Green Life!

You see, the real "Secret to Health" cannot be patented or regulated ... it can only be taught! I firmly believe the true definition of a doctor is "one who teaches" not "one who prescribes".

The following Green Diet Tips, for example, can help you reduce waste (inside your body, as well as in the outer world) by eliminating industrial costs, packaging, labour, and other wasteful practices.

  1. Make raw vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and nuts 50% of your diet. You can lose weight by avoiding fatty meats, desserts, and processed foods. Your impact on the world's food supply will lessen as an intended side effect. Individually, this may mean little, but if millions of people enact these practices, the impact will be significant. Plus, a slim physique requires less energy (in the form of calories) to function in everyday tasks.
  2. The millions of animals existing solely for human consumption are a significant drain on the environment because they must be fed, housed, transported, processed, transported again (to stores), sold, transported again (to your home), and prepared so you can eat them. Just in fuel consumption and CO2 generation alone, eating animal protein costs us billions of dollars every year. Think about all that energy being expended for very little nutritional gain! Actually, your body can attain a far better degree of health by not making meat the main course of your meals.
  3. Avoid unhealthful, pre-packaged foods and beverages such as frozen dinners, "to-go" meals, and especially colas. You will also feel better once you kick the "fast food" habit. Did you know more water is used to manufacture a single can of cola than you receive by drinking its contents?
  4. Use organic skin care items, such as soap and cosmetics, instead of their synthetic counterparts to reduce chemical pollution as a byproduct of their manufacture.

Over the last 20 years, I've amassed a wealth of valuable information (just like the items above) about creating green living and work environments, and a green, toxin-free body. I ultimately decided the best approach for sharing this knowledge with the world is to incorporate everything I know about eliminating disease and restoring health into a solution-based book.

I designed Health Begins In The Colon as a comprehensive and dynamic resource for anyone seeking to restore or improve their health, to learn how to live "green" both inside and out, and for improving vitality and the quality of life in general.

The book offers simple at-home solutions for:

  • Reducing toxins in the body, home, and workplace
  • Restoring the body's natural healing power
  • Helping you achieve true health and happiness
  • Making every part of your life clean and green

My book teaches you how to cleanse inside and out, how to find and eat only organic foods and beverages, and how to correct negative health conditions with high quality health supplements, exercise, chiropractic adjustments, proper rest, and by reducing or completely eliminating your dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. I will train you to fully detoxify your body, home, and workplace so they are healthy, clean, and green! With this book you CAN find and follow the path to manifesting a green body and living environment!

Dr. Edward F. Group III is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), and a Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN). Although he no longer sees patients, he maintains his chiropractic license, is a certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, and remains active in the healthcare community. He is also recognized as a noted international speaker and has appeared with Deepak Chopra, MD, Joseph Mercola, MD, Julian Whitaker, MD, Larry Dossey, MD, Don Miguel Ruiz, MD, and many other eminent alternative medicine practitioners and educators. His book is available at most regular and online bookstores. For more information on Dr. Group and his work and/or to order his book, visit Global Health Center (www.ghchealth.com), email: support@ghchealth.com, or phone 1-800-476-0016.


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