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Volume 13 Issue 5
March/April 2008

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Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 13 Issue 5 —March/April 2008
by Melva Armstrong

I am back after my break and I am glad you are back, too. My holiday on the maiden voyage of the Queen Victoria was filled with unique and delightful experiences. I was taken into a world of ships and ship-lovers that I did not know existed and I was thrilled to be visiting enchanting places I had never seen before.

As our ship was pulled away from the dock by the tugs at the port of Southampton, England, on December 11 at 11:00 pm, our departure was celebrated with the most spectacular fireworks display I have ever seen. It was truly amazing and unusually long. They were all lit from a big barge in the middle of the bay. My friend, Edith, and I were up on deck 10 with most of the other passengers, standing two or three deep along the railings so we could get the best view. There was a band playing on the ship, as well as one on the dock which made it a festive atmosphere. Many of the passengers, some wearing long fur coats, were strolling along the deck holding glasses of champagne, talking and laughing. It was fascinating just watching everything. The whole time our ship moved through the channel we were accompanied on both sides by yachts, boats, and ferries of every size, all decorated with lights and occasionally blowing their horns and some folks waving their hands. I must say, it all brought tears of joy to my eyes. At the end of the channel our ship blew its horn three times and that was notice that we were now being released by the port authority who had guided us thus far and we were on our way.

The first stop was Rotterdam (1 day), then Copenhagen (2 days), followed by a day sailing across the Baltic Sea to reach Oslo (1 day). Then another day at sea before docking at Hamburg (1 day). Then another day at sea and finally to Zeebrugge in Belgium (1 day), returning to Southampton December 21st. The sun shone the day we left England and the day we returned and was absent for the rest. The temperature stayed around zero to five Celsius most days except for Oslo at minus five, and the only place we saw a small amount of snow. Although the temperatures were low it appeared not to deter the folks living there from spending lots of time outdoors. In all the cities there were many people ice skating, while others were sitting at outdoor café tables, often wrapped in blankets, having their food and hot drinks.

The ship food was delicious, plentiful, and of a wide variety. Amazingly, it was available 22 hours a day so no need to go hungry. The entertainment throughout the days and evenings was of the highest callibre. There were so many events going on one was never at a loss for something to do. On-board there is a casino, a library, several internet rooms, a grand theatre, a ball room, as well as numerous piano bars, restaurants, lounges, hot tubs, a heated swimming pool, a gymnasium, a massage studio, a card room, a photo gallery, and numerous shops. It was mind-boggling just walking around and looking at everything. It is like a huge floating city.

Being on-board the ship was like living in a palace, while off-board, touring those famous and ancient port cities, with their cobbled-stone streets, unique architecture, and traditional Christmas customs, was like going back in time, or perhaps it could be compared to being in an old European novel. It was certainly a trip I will always remember and for which I am very grateful.

It felt a little hard getting back into the rhythm of work, but once I began it was as though I hadn't stopped. We have all worked hard putting this issue together for you. It is filled with a lot of interesting and educational articles that have been placed together with a wide variety of advertisers who offer services and products for everyone's health and well-being. May you find an abundance of helpful and enlightening information inside these pages, and please remember to send us any thoughts you may have about the contents. We always love feedback.

May the return of the light and of spring lift your spirits high and my your heart be filled always with joy, love, peace, and happiness.

For Easter I offer you all the gift of lilies; the gift of love, purity, and peace. Please join me in offering the gift of lilies to all whom you meet, that we may together, as One, celebrate and honour the gift of Life!

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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