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Volume 13 Issue 5
March/April 2008

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Now is the Time to Awaken Your Powers & Heal the Earth

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Now is the Time to Awaken Your Powers and Heal the Earth
by Peter Calhoun
Peter Calhoun

A shaman perceives the world around him through beingness rather than through the mind. When you perceive the world in this way, you enter a very magical place and your life very quickly becomes miraculous. It is a lost art; an art that I am trying to reintroduce to people through my book, Soul on Fire.

We all have a natural connection to the Earth. What you may not know is that each of us has an energetic umbilical cord extending from our spine into the Earth connecting us to it. I have seen this cord many times in various altered states. People feel separated from Earth and nature because this cord has been damaged by belief systems and the consensus reality of our culture. We have learned since childhood that the world is something separate from us, a cold mechanistic phenomenon of nature, when in reality it is a very magical place, the manifestation of a divine being that is responsible for all that we have-what we call the Earth Spirit. When one reconnects with Earth Spirit, the first thing one experiences is a growing elation and eventually ecstatic joy. I believe that a lot of the lostness and loneliness in our species has nothing to do with inhumanities, wars, or sickness. It has to do with this lost connection.

When I was a priest in the church, I began to have visions. In these visions I was shown we have been poor caregivers of our Earth. On our present course I was shown that in the future there would be an environmental collapse in the form of earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, and storms beyond anything we have known. I was also shown it was possible to reverse this future, if we could reconnect with the Earth. The future we experienced could instead be one of bliss, a utopia. However, it seemed unlikely the group mind would choose that. Another possible future included one in which we took a leap to a new level and war became obsolete. The consumer culture had crumbled and we had a much more equitable way of distributing wealth and property. There was no longer suffering. This is possible!

This is the time in which we can make a shift. It is an interesting phenomenon: at a time when the Earth is going into a destabilization, that is the time when a very little effort on the part of a small minority can turn things around. In times of great stability it takes great effort by many people to make a shift; but in a destabilization process like today, groups of people coming together for prayer and sacred ceremonies can bring about a profound paradigm shift. While we are in possibly the most dangerous time in the history of our humanity, we are also in a time in which there is the greatest opportunity to make an upward leap to turn the world beyond anything we could conceive. This would not be a slow process, but would happen almost overnight. This is the time to act. We have a window of opportunity that is unlike any other. This is the time to seize the moment.

Some might see an eventual environmental collapse as punishment. But our Creator does not punish. It is we who punish. Should these things happen, it would be the choice of our group mind. Religious fundamentalists will blame it on God's punishment, will blame it on anyone other than themselves, and more secular people for the most part blame it on Nature. Neither will be true. Rather the truth will be we chose to live as a law unto ourselves, outside the natural laws of creation. When one lives outside the natural laws of creation there is consequence. There is not punishment but consequence. When we put our finger on a hot stove we get burned. That is consequence not punishment. Earth has been giving us messages saying enough is enough. We need to listen. We need to start living within the laws of nature. We need to heal. But human beings have to heal themselves before the Earth can heal. Many human beings are unconsciously making war with the Earth. When motivated by greed and self-serving materialism, people truly are making war with Earth whether they perceive it as that or not. It is a war we cannot possibly win; a war where everybody loses.

But we can stop the war by reconnecting with the Earth. And when we do, we find a power that we somehow previously lost. This is what I teach people to do. I teach how to awaken these powers and how to heal and protect our Earth. I teach that the way we perceive the world is the way we experience it. If we perceive the world as a cold and mechanistic phenomena of nature, that's what we get. If we see the world as a magical, wondrous place, then that is what we experience-and one's life is truly transformed. It means letting go of old belief systems of our consensus reality culture. We are not poor, wretched beings who committed some kind of thing called original sin. We are divine, magical beings. And that magic awakens in us simply as we change our belief systems and begin to understand who we truly are and what this world is.

Peter Calhoun is a shaman, healer, teacher, and author of Soul on Fire published by Hay House. His book accounts his awakening to miraculous paranormal powers known as the Siddhis in Vedic philosophies and his magical experiences with the Earth elements. He performs workshops all over North America teaching others to awaken to their original spiritual powers and reconnect to Mother Earth. To learn more about Peter Calhoun or the book, please visit www.petercalhoun.com. He will be giving a public lecture and workshop entitled "Commanding the Elements: Inner Mastery" in Saskatoon, April 25, 26, &27. Contact Fay at goldenfay@yahoo.ca or (306) 229-4393 for details. Also see the display ad on page 32 of the 13.5 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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