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Volume 16 Issue 2
July/August 2010

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Be One of the First in North America to Experience… Crystal Light Healing™

Primal Fire Intensive for Total Freedom to Be You


Be One of the First in North America to Experience… Crystal Light Healing™
by Jan Kindred
Jan Kindred

As I sat in the Los Angeles airport waiting for my flight to Australia to take my Crystal Light Healing (CLH) Practitioner training, I couldn’t help but ponder the series of synchronicities that led me to this moment. I suppose this next leg of my spiritual journey began on a seemingly ordinary day when I received a “download” from Spirit that it is time to work with the 12-Strand DNA and the 12 chakras.

“Who,” I wondered, “Me or humanity?” “Both” was the reply, and that was the end of the communication.

I received that message in Spring, 2008, and have been synchronistically led ever since… led to the moment in June, 2009, where I was off to Australia to complete my CLH Practitioner training as one of many components of the 11-month Teacher’s Training module offered by Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing (ULTMSH). I am honoured to be the first accredited CLH Teacher in North America and am delighted to bring these amazing workshops home to Saskatchewan!

Crystal Light Healing is based on the crystal wisdom of the ancient Mystery Schools of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and Mayan civilizations. The Wise Ones of those times mastered the use of crystals for healing and alchemically blended the elements for vibrational transformation. These ancient wisdoms have been brought into the present by Simone M. Matthews, founder of ULTMSH, from her experiences with these Mystery Schools over many lifetimes.

Crystal Light Healing offers three unique workshops, each with a distinct focus. CLH I (Crystals), CLH II (Healing), or CLH III (Light) may be taken in any order, with no prerequisites, based on your interests. You can take just one class, or attend all three if you wish to become a registered CLH Practitioner with Universal Life Tools (www.universallifetools.com). These two-day workshops are designed for adults of all experience levels—from a novice wishing to explore crystal energetics to a dedicated healer.

CLH I is perfect for anyone who loves crystals. You will spend two blissful days interacting with crystals and crystalline energies that can assist in your soul’s journey. You will learn which crystals Simone considers “essentials” for healing oneself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We also explore over 40 metaphysical crystal formations being made available at this time to assist in our ascension process, and discuss what it means to be ascending from the third to fifth dimension. It is not a coincidence that many of you are suddenly becoming interested in crystals or re-igniting a previous passion. As Earth is evolving and shifting, more and more crystals are being pushed to the surface of the Earth’s crust for use at this important time in history. Crystals, being the DNA of the Earth, contain the light codings of creation and all records of knowledge over millions of years. Through reconnecting with the wisdom of these ancients, you will never look at crystals the same way again after this workshop.

CLH II is ideal for anyone interested in the healing arts. Working in the higher spiritual planes of our octahedron Crystalline Matrix (the physical body and seven energetic bodies), you will learn how to facilitate a complete CLH II session for yourself and others (in person and distance) through the intuitive art of gridding and laying-on-of-stones. During a session crystals are used: to anchor and strengthen one’s connection to the Earth’s Crystalline Grid (Grid of Light); to open, balance, and harmonize the chakras on all levels of one’s Crystalline Matrix for healing and awakening one’s gifts; and to stimulate the higher energy centres to facilitate the unfolding of one’s highest soul potential in this lifetime. You will work with some lesser-known chakras commonly open in ancient civilizations but which have been dormant in us for centuries. CLH II is great as a stand-alone modality, or it can be incorporated into any healing modality that you currently practice. Lightworkers are gravitating to crystals at this time as tools to assist with the changes in the Crystalline Matrix of themselves and others as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

Our Crystalline Matrix forms part of Earth’s Crystalline grid, and the Earth’s grid is connected to the Light of Source (Galactic Core); therefore, Crystal Light Healing works in a reciprocal and powerful way to support the ascension process that we are currently experiencing. As we personally heal and raise our vibration, so too does the vibrational frequency of Earth and her inhabitants increase because energetically we are One. And as the vibration of Earth increases, all of humanity is affected. Thus “heal yourself and you heal the Earth” is not a trivial statement! This spiritual journey is ultimately about aligning with our soul’s highest potential by shedding the layers of energetic debris that prevent us from awakening and expressing the Divine Light that we really are… the Light that moves us from fear to Love, from separation to Unity, so that every choice we make is from a higher level of connectedness to the Whole.

So what does any of this have to do with my message about working with the 12-strand DNA and the 12 chakras? Well… you are just going to have to wait until the next issue of WHOLifE Journal to find out about Crystal Light Healing III. :) In the meantime, shine your Light!

Jan Kindred is an accredited Master Crystal Light Healing Practitioner/Teacher through Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing and has personally trained under Simone M. Matthews, the founder of Crystal Light Healing. Jan is offering the following workshops in 2010: CLH I - Aug. 21-22, Able Crystals near Saskatoon & Sept. 25-26, Care From The Core (CFTC), Regina; CLH II -Oct. 23-24, CFTC-Regina; and CLH III - Nov. 20-21, CFTC-Regina. Limited space—registration required. See display ad on page 40 of the 16.2 July/August issue of the WHOLifE Journal. To learn more about Crystal Light Healing and to register online visit www.crystallighthealing.ca or contact Jan at (306) 781-2598 or jan@crystallighthealing.ca.


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