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Volume 16 Issue 2
July/August 2010

Listen! Can You Hear the Buzz?

A Fresh Look at Salads

T'ai Chi Chih: Joy Through Movement

Cohousing: A New Option for Seniors

Focusing: A Self-Managed Therapy

Be One of the First in North America to Experience… Crystal Light Healing™

Primal Fire Intensive for Total Freedom to Be You


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 16 Issue 2 — July/August 2010
by Melva Armstrong

I first want to thank everyone for coming to the WHOLifE Journal 15th anniversary celebrations on May 29 and 30, as well as the many folks who send me emails and cards with their words of support and encouragement. The concert and the open house were joyfully attended by many and fun was had by all. I was deeply touched by all the thoughtful, beautiful, and loving words that people expressed to me. Every word was heartwarming and comforting. I am truly grateful for my WHOLifE family of friends. Many blessings to each of you. May you know you are always loved and appreciated by me.

It is interesting to note the kinds of feelings and emotions that are brought up each time an anniversary of any sort comes along for anyone. It allows us an opportunity to reflect on the time that has passed and the many events that have taken place since the previous anniversaries. I find it hard to believe that 15 years have gone by since I created the journal and yet, as I look back I have had an enormous amount of diverse experiences that have unfolded along the way. It has been very rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting for me to be doing this for so long. Moreover, I don’t see it as a business in the traditional sense, so what I call it instead is a heart business, because it is really about connecting with everyone’s heart and that is what brings so much joy and love into my life. For instance, how many business people sign their emails or letters with “Love and Hugs” or “Blessings” or “In Peace” or “Peace Profound”? These are typical of the kinds of salutations that I both receive and give each day. How blessed is that? I am truly blessed, as are all the people with whom I have crossed paths. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being in my life and for being you. I love you.

Now it is time for this July/August issue which is filled to overflowing with articles and advertising to brighten your day, to help you on your life path, to lead you to healers and new friendships, to perhaps awaken you to new avenues to pursue, and hopefully to provide you with a sense there is always someone out there to help you no matter what is going on in your life. Lord only knows, we all have our good days and our bad days, so I am ever grateful for those blessings available in our world that help me to come out of a funk, or that bring even more pleasure into my already happy heart.

According to Maka’s article Listen! Can You Hear the Buzz? (p. 24), “We are in the midst of the most exciting time of our Earth Mother’s long life span and the honey bees are at the heart of the matter.” Maka’s experience with honey bees began in 1979 when she was a young hippie attending to beehives on her farm. Years later the honey bees have spiralled back into her life and she is currently working on a documentary about the honey bees called The Honey Bees of 2012. Her article is full of rich stories, both personal and historic, that may entice you to learn more about these incredible animals who create one of the purest foods on the planet. She is giving a demonstration of a new style of beehive called topbar on August 29, so see her article for more details about the beehive, as well as the event.

Be sure to read and enjoy all the other articles in this issue which include, A Fresh Look at Salads (p. 12) by Sandra Brandt, T’ai Chi Chih: Joy of Movement (p. 14) by Donna M. Aldous, Cohousing: A New Option for Seniors (p. 18) by Eliza Meggs, Focusing: A Self-Managed Therapy (p. 32) by Sherry McDonald, Dreams are Messages (p. 38) by Ariana Sheran, Crystal Light Healing™ (p. 40) by Jan Kindred, and more.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this issue. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Happy Summer! May you walk in the sunshine, may you hug a tree, may you smell the fragrance of flowers, and may you find peace in every step. May you know you are truly loved.

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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