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Volume 16 Issue 2
July/August 2010

Listen! Can You Hear the Buzz?

A Fresh Look at Salads

T'ai Chi Chih: Joy Through Movement

Cohousing: A New Option for Seniors

Focusing: A Self-Managed Therapy

Be One of the First in North America to Experience… Crystal Light Healing™

Primal Fire Intensive for Total Freedom to Be You



Volume 16 Issue 2 — July/August 2010

The current issueListen! Can You Hear the Buzz?
The Beauty and Blessings of Bees

by Maka

We are in the midst of the most exciting time of our Earth Mother's long life span and the honey bees are at the heart of the matter. They are our most wonderful, sweetest, most fierce, and profound emissaries. Ambassadors for whom? From where, you ask? Why do we need emissaries? Essentially because “it is time to get ourselves back to the garden” where we'll find the bees blissfully buzzing! “Revering animals and other forms of life can help us to re-establish the sacred balance of life in our environment. Animals may also aid us in our everyday lives, or in our dreams, meditations, myths, and fairytales. Some Native American teachings say that, since they were created before humans, animals are closer to the Source. Thus, animals act as allies, guides, and familiars in our search for Wholeness.” (The Heart of the Goddess: Art, Myth, and Meditations of the World's Sacred Feminine, 1990.)

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A Fresh Look at Salads
by Sandra Brandt

Ahhhh, summer! – a time to bask in the warm sunshine, relax at the beach, plant a garden… and planting a garden or harvesting your pick of fresh and wonderful things from your local Farmers’ Market means unlimited opportunities to taste the mingled effects of sun, rain, and soil organisms. Foodwise, one of the loveliest things to eat in summer is a fresh salad. I tend not to eat raw, cooling salads in winter but a fresh-from-the-garden salad in summer – what a delight!

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T’ai Chi Chih
Joy Through Movement

by Donna M. Aldous

The peoples of the crowded Orient generally know the feeling of serenity in the midst of activity. It is not by refraining from action that we achieve it, but by maintaining a firm, unchanging centre in the midst of disturbance. In that traffic jam, when your plane is delayed: you know the daily disturbances we meet. When we do the measured movements of T’ai Chi Chih (Knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate), while focusing our concentration on the spot two inches below the navel, we feel the surge of Vital Force and experience a pleasant tingling--yet, when we are quiet again, that centre in the solar plexus is filled with power and we feel at rest. This serenity should spill over into our everyday lives, making possible a calm and joyous interior even during the most hectic times.

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Cohousing: A New Option for Seniors
by Eliza Meggs

How and Where Are You Going to Spend Your Senior Years? There are many of us approaching retirement thinking about this very thing. Boomers are not satisfied with the institutional living that is offered to the elderly in our society. We are used to taking charge of our own lives. Dr. William H. Thomas has done much work around the lives of the elderly. He developed a philosophy he called the Eden Alternative, first described in his 1994 book called The Eden Alternative: Nature, Hope, and Nursing Homes. Dr. Thomas believes that there are three plagues of growing older: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. Although his work has been to improve the lives of seniors in nursing homes, those of us in our 50s and 60s can take his philosophies to heart and begin to build a life for ourselves now that will help us to age with dignity, surrounded by friends and family.

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Focusing: A Self-Managed Therapy
by Sherry McDonald

Focusing is… a method of self-exploration and therapeutic change that grew out of the clinical work and evidence-based research of Eugene Gendlin, a psychologist, psychotherapist, and existential philosopher at the University of Chicago. Gendlin became interested in why sometimes clients got the change they wanted from therapy and sometimes, even after years of therapy, the client still struggled to change.

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Be One of the First in North America to Experience… Crystal Light Healing™
by Jan Kindred

As I sat in the Los Angeles airport waiting for my flight to Australia to take my Crystal Light Healing (CLH) Practitioner training, I couldn’t help but ponder the series of synchronicities that led me to this moment. I suppose this next leg of my spiritual journey began on a seemingly ordinary day when I received a “download” from Spirit that it is time to work with the 12-Strand DNA and the 12 chakras. “Who,” I wondered, “Me or humanity?” “Both” was the reply, and that was the end of the communication.

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Primal Fire Intensive for Total Freedom to Be You: September 4 to 6
by Patrick Harbula and Carol Marriott

Want to get away and get out of your head, into your body, connect to Mother Earth and your most natural, heart-opened, primal self? I have been leading the Primal Fire Intensive for over 20 years in various locations. I have always found this to be the most difficult event to promote or even describe. Nearly everyone who attends says the same once they have experienced it. “How do I tell my friends what happened on this weekend and convey the essence of the experience?” Words can never do justice to it, but this is my attempt: “Hearts are opened in ways that are unimaginable!” The basic premise is an environment where everyone is encouraged to be just who they are in the moment: No pretense, no role, no act, just who you really are.

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by Melva Armstrong

I first want to thank everyone for coming to the WHOLifE Journal 15th anniversary celebrations on May 29 and 30, as well as the many folks who send me emails and cards with their words of support and encouragement. The concert and the open house were joyfully attended by many and fun was had by all. I was deeply touched by all the thoughtful, beautiful, and loving words that people expressed to me. Every word was heartwarming and comforting. I am truly grateful for my WHOLifE family of friends. Many blessings to each of you. May you know you are always loved and appreciated by me.

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