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Volume 28 Issue 6
March/April 2023

Bountiful Beans and Peas

Choosing the Right Health Session
Helpful Tips on Deciding the Best Treatment Modality for You!

The Power of Human Touch

When to Seek Naturopathic Care?

Money and Spirituality
A Personal Path to Wealth, Prosperity, and Love

Writing, Contemplation, and Reflection

Herbal Skincare Formulas are More Than Skin Deep


Money and Spirituality
A Personal Path to Wealth, Prosperity, and Love

Courtesy of the Visionary Hub
A Personal Path

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”—Maya Angelou

Do you believe that the flow of money and spirituality can be aligned? How we earn, invest, spend, save, and believe with a higher purpose can carry us, everything, and everyone forward. We are all looking to attract abundance into our lives and get into alignment with how our money FLOWS.

Why is it we so often want to detach; burying our head in the sand due to underlying feelings and beliefs when it comes to our relationship with money?

Our ability to serve others would be enhanced if we were more open to receiving. In other words, being completely at ease with how money enters and exits your life, not worrying and stressed about it.

Does your purpose for your money align with your core values and do you know your core values?

Let’s start with three powerful ways to align yourself with the flow of money and create an “Aligned Purpose” for your money so you can experience more abundance in your life. Aligning your core values with your money and purpose is a key foundation. If your money is to start a new business doing something you are truly passionate about—make this your money purpose and start allocating money to making it happen.

  1. Visualize your Money Goals: Start to focus on the experiences you will have by attracting more money.
    a. Decide on those experiences that you want because most things require money.
    b. Focus on the feelings and the outcome of that experience. For example, if you want to take your family on a memorable holiday that you would all love, work out how much you would need to make this happen and set up an automated savings plan.
    c. Continue to focus on that experience, in this case, as a family. Maybe create a vision board together just for that one thing.
    d. Creative visualization cultivates a deeper connection to that goal, especially if the experience you want takes a while to save for.
  2. Take in both parts of your Mind: Conscious and unconscious
    a. The conscious mind is our analytical, logical mind, and needs to be at ease with day-to-day money management.
    b. The subconscious is our feeling mind that’s responsible for the manifestation of our desires.
    c. When it comes to money, both should be addressed so that you are able to manifest that next level of wealth you desire.
  3. Take Responsibility: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having your money flow figured out.
    a. Consider a money coach: I have seen wonderful results with people who focus their energy on their relationship with money. They understand the impact their personality has when making money decisions that get them stuck in the fears of their personality.
    b. Our relationship with money is very powerful and can have such an impact on all other areas of our lives; personal relationships, health and well-being, personal growth, and how we see ourselves.
    c. When you bring the way you manage your money and your spiritual practices together, it can amplify the benefits.
    d. The positive effects of good money management include improved self confidence, happier relationships, and clarity on your life purpose and goals

Does this make you want to examine your relationship to money? It’s important to remember that the more positive energy you direct toward money, and the more you openly show love and gratitude for money in your life—this is what leads you to feel connected and aligned to the flow of money.

At the Visionary Hub, we offer a personalized one-on-one coaching session called “Discovery Call” for FREE!! Creating a clearly defined Plan, or a Map, as we call it, in our “Money Momentum² Program” guides you through a creative process as you become aware of your own relationship to money. We highly recommend you take time and invest in YOU! For more information, see the display ad on page 23 of the 28.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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