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Volume 28 Issue 6
March/April 2023

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Writing, Contemplation, and Reflection

Herbal Skincare Formulas are More Than Skin Deep


Writing, Contemplation, and Reflection
by Kobie Spriggs
Kobie Spriggs

Writing can be so very cathartic, enlightening, and liberating. Putting thought to pen helps get out and clarify our internal thoughts and experiences, but it also requires some quiet reflection and contemplation to accomplish. 

Contemplation is a foreign concept to much of our rat-race cultural dynamics, and often we do not make time for these rituals and practices of contemplation in our daily lives, because we are just too “busy.” 

Busy shouldn’t be our automatic default, and I found I was starving for quiet and safe spaces to just “be.” Animals, in my opinion and experience, immediately facilitate this particular space. I have found my time with my beloved cat, quasi-therapist and Zen master Leo, to be very healing for my heart and my soul. Together, Leo and I have developed a routine and a ritual that seems to be a symbiotic relationship of inspiration and affection.

Inspiration and affection are made possible within the context of coffee, pats, and chats. I find Leo’s gentle purring and presence calms me and creates a space for me to dabble in my imagination and experiences. I often find I look at my musings from his perspective. I am not sure how or why but I get my best thoughts during this treasured morning ritual.

Our ritual has become a channelled blog that I share from time to time on my social media platforms. It’s called Leovision and here is one of those offerings for your contemplation. Enjoy! 


Yesterday I had an interesting conversation. In that conversation I had shared some previous experiences, and I have been kind of fixated on the topic ever since. Of course, I had to talk to my therapist about this and Leo was more than willing to have coffee, pats, and chats (he’s good like that!).

So, what’s been on my mind today and last night is naysayers. I can’t tell you how many people in my life have discouraged me or questioned my life choices. Leo thinks this is crazy, as felines are known to have at least nine lives. Maybe people should, too!? We shouldn’t get so caught up in being in the same places, the same experiences, and the same relationships. Change is our only constant. Why do we resist it so?

I have had the call many times to shed, to purge, and begin again a little more broken but somehow more whole. People fear change and I think that’s why they often question yours. I can’t tell you how many blank, confused looks I received when I left my Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner career to study and get a Masters in Philosophy. I had a well-honed response when people would ask me what are you going to do with that degree? I would look them directly in the eye, intensely and reply, “Whatever I want.” This tactic usually produces an even more confused look.

In addition, I also can’t count how many people told me I wouldn’t make a living as a potter. Well, circumstances sometimes help and sometimes hinder us, and all I know is my pottery was a source of income during a weird two years that developed into not one but two businesses, so please be gentle with people’s dreams as it could be the best and most magical thing to ever happen to them.

Leo wants to remind us all that we all feel fearful, but we should try and not project our fears onto others. We can’t always see the changes that are happening on the inside, and why this big purge is so necessary, although to some it might seem borderline lunacy. Get comfortable being uncomfortable with other people’s choices. If you can’t be supportive at least do not be derailing. Apologies if I have unconsciously done this to any of you. 

Much love and gratitude to y’all from a flame-tipped Siamese and his Sun-ruled human.

“Magic is the invisible factor that keeps hearts open and words kind.” ~Existential Hippy (AKA Kobie Spriggs and Leo).

Kobie Spriggs is a Saskatchewan born and raised clay alchemist. She is the soul proprietor and purveyor of mystic oddities at Existential Hippy Emporium, 2–461 Athabasca St. E., Moose Jaw, SK, (306) 518-5460, 
www.instagram.com/existentialhippy, www.facebook.com/existentialhippy.


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